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A dog that freese's for whatever reason if you are walk your dog on leash and they see another dog and a face the dog their tail goes up ended the come motionless that is a big warning not all dogs will gravel dogs gravel because they wish to avoid conflict dogs who do not wish to avoid conflict won't gravel but many of them will warren with the freese any time you see a dog freese teacher child to back away from the dog and you should be to whatever the issue is it should be train been resolved but you don't to do it once the dawkins frozen once a dog his frozen your job is to avoid a bite and then deal with whatever the issue is the last thing to watch for is gifts interest i see this a great deal as a trainer people will tell me my dog is so good with people and then when i go into meet the dog they have a very little interest people mistake calmed this interest for friendly miss not at all i dog who is friendly seeks your interaction they wear their tail they put their years back they want to make eye contact with you win a saw friendly way that is a friendly dog i'd is interested dog but walk up in sniff you walk away or for children around they'll stand there their tail while flag they won't interact they're just there just like us when we are this interested in a person we are less taller into of that person then we would be with somebody who we actually enjoyed and like dogs who are diss interested have lower thresholds for being annoyed or reactive so watch produce interest don't mistake that for a friendly missed and don't mistake com for friendly nests it might not be either of those things this is very similar to use sitting down.

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