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Thirty eight degrees in the American standard cooling. I'm sorry heating. I'd do it all the time. I know better heating weather center. Gonna be a high today of just forty one degrees. The time right now is six forty six. Tony cats Ninety-three WIBC. There's a bunch of things going on. I as we've been talking about all morning Ritter high schools closed today, a student posting a threatening message on social media from what we are told. It was a photo. Of the student holding a weapon, I would like to see the photo of anybody has that and can Email me, Tony WABC dot com. I'd like to see what constitutes threatening message. This is not me saying that the school is wrong for cancelling classes. This went out last night. As a message to parents. I would like to know what they saw get an understanding of how they they view and visualize things and is not specific to to cardinal Ritter. I have I have no issue at the moment with cardinal Ritter. I'm just curious as to what it is. They saw what did how they they view such a thing. Get understanding of what it is sometimes that we're dealing with and as reported by WIBC dot com. The newsroom the captain in that duck boat accident that horror show where they were there. It was the rough waters and nobody was wearing best. They shouldn't have have gone out. There were issues all the way around seventeen people killed nine family members from right here. In indianapolis. The captain has been indicted in this facing seventeen counts of misconduct negligence or intent. To duty accounts for every life. That was lost on that boat WIBC dot com. You can get the entire story right there. Alexandria, Cossio Cortez making news because it turns out she can't afford an apartment in Washington DC. Turns out that when you've been a bartender, and then you are all of a sudden a member of congress, which makes me feel pretty confident in my ability to run for congress one day. Settled down. I'm happy with what I do that. She can't afford a place to live and that in the transition. It's not like she just get another job. So she doesn't have a place to live DC's expensive town members of congress sleep in their office, not everybody who who goes to congress is rich. There are plenty of members who sleep in their office. Now, I'm assuming there's about to be a whole bunch of donations for Alexandria, Cossio Cortez. Let her figure out what she's gonna do about DC pricing. DC has become capital city. You know, it's hunger games the amount of growth in DC is out of control. I for everything we want to say about New York. You know, I'm New York. I've been here past couple of days. I'm going to be on with Dana Perino the daily briefing scheduled. I think at two thirty right now is is when that's happening. I have a couple of things meanings. Take care of while. I'm here. And I appreciate guy. Ralph Reed who was in for me yesterday. He'll be in today as well. The amount for for everything that is crazed about New York, and the cost of New York and the really out of control nature of the politics here, which has gotten far worse. I'll in the next hour. I'm going to share an amazing story of why I'm here the event that I did. And what I learned. I'm telling you, I'm the first conservative many of these people have ever met and have ever listened to in a public setting or maybe a private setting. You would not believe the reactions that I got a. At one moment life-affirming at the other moments. My goodness. They don't there's a lack of recognition. What? In one's own words. I'll I'm gonna get into that the construction here with everything that's an insanity. New York is beyond belief. There is a crane every four seconds. People are still building still creating still trying to do things in these places unbelievably expensive places. So I'm assuming that a Cossio Cortez is going to figure it out. My job is not to feel bad for her. She was a bartender a year ago. And now she's going to be a member of congress as she can figure that one out. I think she can she can figure this one out. I don't know which economic policy she's going to be able to simply just invented make-up's. Make people feel good that will allow her to pay the rent in DC. But hey, that's not my problem. And it's next weekend. Right. So we've got Veterans Day. That's that. We celebrate on Monday. I totally forgot. It's only forgotten Monday is. Veterans Day and Veterans Day different than Memorial Day. Just make sure we're all perfectly clear about that. But the weekend after it's I think they start on the on the on the fourteenth and think it's Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday Star Wars in concert. The Hilbert circle theatre. I have seen back to the future done this way. It is fantastic. It is the full symphony. And the movie and they do the music while the movie is play. It is an absolutely incredible credible experience. If you've never done Indianapolis symphony dot org because they still have tickets don't get me wrong. It's not an inexpensive night out for the family. But it's an amazing night out for the family, and you should you should go. Do it is if you can you can either take that date to to dinner and a movie or you could do something awesome. Guys. And and where she'll be like. Wow. I guess he isn't a schmuck. I'm just saying. I'm just all I'm saying map. I'm just trying to help people you you can go to east side Burger King. And then and then maybe, you know, anchorman to you could go down that road. Yeah. Or or a Star Wars a new hope with the Indianapolis symphony. And then you'll learn you'll learn a couple of things guys number one. Does she appreciate symphony number two. Does she appreciate Star Wars? These are important things. Yeah. These are important things that you might need to know now before it's too late. But I mean to watch her eat a double Walker though. I mean, I think there's something to be said about that. She could do that. She's a real woman that she appreciate it. If you said, hey, listen, we just wanna just go to Burger King. And she's like, yeah. Sure. As long as we're together. Then you know that right? Right. Right. Right. There. You now wouldn't be cut dead in a Burger King. Well, well, then you you just just drop her off inside your day. Go. Yeah. You got the Uber app. All right. I'm back. So that's so so ladies map hair. He's ready to go to that. Burger King and maybe Star Wars, by the way. Get your tickets, Indianapolis symphony dot org. Gonna be amazed..

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