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Developing story. One of the two people on board a small plane when it crashed into a transmission tower in Montgomery village on Sunday evening remains hospitalized this morning. The other one has been released. The cause of the crash still isn't known, but we now have the 9-1-1 call that was made by the pilot, 66 year old Patrick Merkel. I've flown into a tower to the northwest of Gaithersburg airport. The calmness in his voice belies the predicament he and his passenger 66 year old Janet Williams were in. Trapped about 100 feet off the ground, their plane dangling from the tower. I'm just concerned about our articulation and the possibility that we could slip out of this tower. The 9-1-1 call taker asked about injuries and offered clear directions as first responders began the rescue. Stay inside of the plane, obviously, keep as still as you can. You're working on getting up to you guys. Emergency personnel stayed in constant contact with pilot and passenger during the ordeal. The national transportation safety board is investigating the crash. It doesn't expect to have a preliminary report within two to three weeks and a final report within 12 to 24 months. It is the last chance for Maryland drivers who have unpaid video tolls to catch a break on late fees. If you want to save some money, now is the time to check whether you have any unpaid video tolls on your record in Maryland. The state has been allowing drivers to have late fees on their unpaid tolls to pay the tolls without having to pay the late fees, but that deal ends at the end of the day tomorrow, so if you wait until Thursday, you will have to face those late fees. It's discontinuing the escalation of unpaid tolls and civil penalties through November 30th. Maryland transportation secretary James port says drivers have been given a break in order to help people who faced late fees on tolls that accrued during the height of the pandemic. Nikai Nelly WTO news. The average price of gasoline nationwide dropped for the third straight week to three 52 a gallon yesterday, according to gas buddy, concerns that China is tough COVID restrictions will slow demand for gasoline or helping to drive prices down. We think China will probably get its act together somewhere in the first quarter and that may fortify crude oil prices, but you probably have a period here of about 90 days where you're going to see very, very cheap gas. That's Tom closer, global head of energy analysis for the oil price information service, he says in our region. Prices are going to be dropping very rapidly. By Christmas, he expects the national average price to fall below last year's average of three 29 a gallon. Michelle bash WTO P news. Today's a big day for the U.S. men's national team as they prepare to take on Iran at the World Cup this afternoon. After draws against England and Wales, the U.S. needs to beat Iran to secure a place in the knockout rounds. In the D.C. region, plenty of places to watch the match at the beginning of 2 o'clock, including the Brighton at the wharf in D.C. with special drink and food prices, can also get in on the action alongside U.S. soccer's biggest fan group, the American outlaws. Their official bar has ASTRO beer hall on G street northwest. If you want to watch there, you being asked to arrive early. Love their name, the American outlaws. That's pretty cool. Coming up here on WTO, a local school board is voting on whether to notify parents when sexually explicit content is about to be used in class at 8 O 7

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