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Whoa that's good podcasts. Y'all i am so excited for today's podcast. Because i have someone who has really helped me so much in my life and i know has helped so many people we have. Dr ayman let me give you a little baxter around him. He is a husband. He's a father but he also does so many things with his incredible life. He's an author of several books. Easily doctor a psychiatrist used these a million things and he knows so much about the brain and he helps people become healthier in their life by really focusing on their brain so i'm really thankful for him and the impact he's made on my life and you'll hear more about that as i interview him but without further ado. Welcome to the podcast. Dr ayman really. What a joy to see you. Yes is awesome. So i can't wait dive in but i have to ask the question of the buy gas. What is the best piece of advice that you've ever been given so i thought about that and it reminds me of a friend of mine Her name is byron katie She wrote this great book called loving. What is and piece of advice is when you argue with reality mccolm to hell while and i just i think about that all the time if i'm having a bad day so rather than fighted just try to be curious about it not furious. I think that's something you and i jotted about Curious not furious and you know. Accept what is. I sort of wanted to be a center for the los angeles lakers. But you know it just so fi argued with it jessica. you know. it's like go do something else. Yes that's so good. I love that because we could sit and argue for a long time and get nowhere so that such great advice. Obviously a lot of people know who you are. You have been a part of you know being a lot of celebrities doctors you also. Ted talks with millions of written books and all that stuff. But what was your journey to getting where you are. Why did you. Why are you so fascinated by the brain. How did it start. When i turned eighteen vietnam was still going on and i became an infantry medic where my love of medicine was born but about a year into it. I realized that in really liked being shot at some people mike that it just wasn't for me yet. How and so. I got retrained as an x ray technician and develop really a passion for medical image. Is our professors used to say. Heidi know unless you.

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