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Great deals in January of two thousand fourteen five years in a couple of weeks ago five years plus ago, leg ABRAHAM LINCOLN four scores seven years ago five five years in a couple of weeks ago. I did a five part series of beyond the norm segments which had been past tense had been behind the pay wall. I did these five segments five in a row. Just basically replicating a presentation I didn't Seattle shortly before that to explain what happened and why they lost Amtrak ninety why we all lost AM ten ninety which was doing well for us. And so after I did that I came into the studio kind of replicated for everybody became five. Beyond the norm segments. January twenty through January twenty four th just five in a row. Hey, kind of like, you know, kind of like Benedict Donal, Bing, Bing, Bing, Bing, Bing, Bing, boom right under the toilet. These thing going Bing, Bing, Bing, Bing Bing, right under the anyway. So, but but they're now right there on our front page of our website. I have asked our because we're a special time now. Right. When special time, so I have asked David and he has done it. So if you work right now and and into the future, you can go anytime to normangoldman dot com, our website and you'll see right there on the front page right in the middle impossible. Miss those exact five segments. We pulled them out of the beyond the norm archives and made them available to everybody commercial free. And so if you're beyond the norm, I sort of half apologized, but I think you understand I want everybody to hear this. And if you're beyond the norm, and you haven't heard it by all means go and listen because I think the and by the way looked that. I'd forgotten how long? Each segments about twenty minutes. It's about one hundred minutes of audio. It's a lot of information. But you'll know how the radio industry works when you're done. So if you really really really wanna understand why it is that we have to shut this thing down and turn off the lights because we've run out of money, and because there's no money to be made please give a listen to those five segments. You can listen anytime, I strongly strongly recommend doom in order. I did him in order. You gotta listen to him in order or else is going to sound really weird do one to their setup in order. So please listen in order. They're all you can listen to the middle of the night. If he can't go to sleep, this'll keep you. This will definitely keep him going back to sleep. But I mean, final time on weekends or whatever. And you listen one segment now come back couple of days later whenever you slotted in. It's like podcasting. You know, that's the whole idea. Ari norm at normangoldman dot com. Norm at normangoldman dot com is our Email address. And boy have we been deluged with emails to. Thank you very much. I I'm going through him as best. I can Francis going through the just a very very sweet we've moved made a lot of bombs. We've made a lot of friends here over the years. So let's see if we can start to do a show because if you if you if you noticed I have been talking about branding imaging and positioning until you probably ready to throw up every time. I mentioned it. Well, branding imaging positioning were they were here before I came along. And they'll be here after I'm gone, right? It's like Benedict Donald in the Pentagon, if the Pentagon is smart would those generals, they'll tell Benedict, Donald listen, boy, we were here before you got here that will be here long after you're gone. So you're gonna have to start making some deals with those great deals wonderful deal. Anyway. Branding imaging and positioning. And I have branded image in position this show as teaching law civics politics. Right. Teaching law civics and politics often. They are three parts of the same discussion. And they all come together today all that branding imaging and positioning about about law civics and politics. They all come together here because there is a so-called acting attorney general he's a dude named Matt Whitaker right in my humble opinion. And in the opinion of many lawyers. He is there clearly illegally. There is no legal basis for this guy has no no strong legal basis. There's a week really kinda weak argument. But it's a weak argument. I won't bore you with it. But the consensus legal view is is that at a very minimum Matthew Whitaker being acting attorney general is highly suspect that there's a lot of legal counties. All right. I won't say it's illegal, but I will say definitely controversial perhaps suspect. So it's either that or to the point of like, he's just illegal. So he was put there, obviously by Benedict Donald to shutdown Russia gate and Moller or alternatively at least to spy on Muller and Russia gate and feed information back to Benedict now. So now, the Democrats, right? So so there's there's some politics for you. Now. The Democrats have thousands of there's there's some politics for you. So now, the Democrats have Matthew Whitaker set to show up tomorrow to testify, right? There's some civics forest. Right government inaction testimony before the House Judiciary committee. The House Judiciary committee. Tomorrow is supposed to hear testimony for Matthew Whitaker. The so called acting attorney general and Matthew Whitaker showing up voluntarily. He has not been served a subpoena. But the chair of the committee, Jerry. Nadler, democrat Democrats have ousted means all the Democrats, and they have majorities on all the communities. That's it's trickled down trickled down economics. That's what happens when you win a house of congress. This is a good thing. When you're the winner bad thing when you're a loser. So Jerry, Nadler democratic congressman from New York Jerry Nadler today was widely reported to have had a subpoena prepared a subpoena prepared to serve on Matt Whitaker. The idea being if Matt Whitaker suddenly changed his mind like tomorrow morning, saying, oh, I don't feel well because he doesn't want to testify. He knows he's going to get some very pointed questions about what he in Benedict Donald has have discussed about Mahler. So So Jerry, Nadler, the democratic chair of the judiciary committee who's going to preside over tomorrow's hearing where the so-called acting attorney general is showing up voluntarily the chair of the committee saying, well, let's add a subpoena on there and make it not so not so voluntary. And that's where things got a little haywire a week. We're. Democrats preparing to ramp up oversight of everything from President Trump's policies to his personal finances. You now have the acting attorney general Matt Whitaker who is issuing an ultimatum just a day before he's scheduled to appear and one of these hearings Whittaker telling the House Judiciary committee, essentially, I'm not testifying unless you guarantee inviting get subpoenaed moments ago, President Trump said he did not know of that threat, but he praised his acting AG. All right. There's Brooke Baldwin, and we thank CNN for that branding imaging and positioning, law civics and politics. Right. Okay. Here's the law of it. Why such a big deal about a subpoena as opposed to voluntary? I mean, I I if I was looking at this from a common sense perspective. I would say look you still getting the guy there. I mean, he's showing up. What's the problem? Right. Me Shona voluntarily. What's the issue? Why do you need a subpoena? Here's the here's the reason. Here's the reason. If Matthew Whitaker is there voluntarily and they ask him a question any number of questions that he does not want to answer. He says I'm not answering that question or I'm not answering those questions and they have nothing to try to compel him to answer. If they and by the way, yes, they can serve him right there at the hearing. Yes, they can it's been it's happened. Republicans did the Democrats as I recall not so long ago. So Matthew Whitaker could be served a subpoena like as he walks into the committee room, whereas he sits down to the table or has he said, they're just slide it over. Here you go Mr. so-called acting attorney general you have been saved. The power of the subpoena is if they ask a question or any number of questions, and he says sorry, I ain't answering. They say you are under subpoena. You've got to answer. And if you don't answer you are now in contempt of congress, you're in contempt of a spinner, and let us understand what the visuals of this would be you would have a man claiming to be the attorney general of the United States who's supposed to be a role model for law students and kids who one day wannabe, lawyers and think of dream to be as a frame court Justice. He's supposed to be a role model. He supposed to be an example. He's the bleeping attorney general at least he thinks he is. And so we have the spectacle, the legal disgraceful spectacle of the so-called acting attorney general doing this week where Democrats preparing to ramp up over. Site of everything from President Trump's policies to his personal finances. You now have the acting attorney general Matt Whitaker who is issuing an ultimatum Jarrett is issuing that's not me. I wanted brook ball when you got to hear it from Brooke Baldwin at CNN issuing an ultimatum, the bleeping attorney general of the United States is issuing an ultimatum to congress saying don't you dare service a pain on the attorney general or I ain't gonna show up and so everybody should have faith in the legal system and the court system. This is an abomination all brought to you by one vote many consequences. And so allow me to remind you again without too much snark, and no scolding, I'm done scolding one vote many consequences. One vote many consequences from the supreme court to the acting attorney general to seizing children and their mother's arms at the border to all, you know, shut down the government of thirty five days. One vote many consequences. I hope we learn a lesson. All right. Let me finish up turn the rest of the hour. Over to you. We're Justice is served. The Norman Goldman show. Your voice matters. I want to do the same thing to natural gas natural.

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