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The money paki out can make more money than august when pac l. fights they get a big sanction of fee because pack l. will be demanding more money. Yes true but you're not gonna get you know. Zero zero last check still amounted to zero. So y- you're not gonna get a big sanction fee from paquito if he's if he leaves you and he goes and fights spats because that's gonna be the next elwin says fight. That's what it's going to be next. He's gonna go and he's going to you know god willing spence heels up with his detached retina and he's ready to go he's going to follow that and he's going to go and wind up making that fight most likely and if that happens pack out could care less about their belt. Go fight for spence's belt so in that way you have to be aware that the wpa or wb is wbz right candidates and for the record it was the super wba welterweight title. They got so many frigging belts to the regular the super call the belt. Get it i get it. They got it the regular the regular regular the silver the bronze the the pro the tin paper. The foil guy. I mean there's just there's so many to so they it's it's unbelievable so they don't be surprised then it's a close fight if they if they say wait a minute we're gonna save offers. A guy who knows going to stay with us where pack is going to be leaving us and we're going without going to we're not gonna get any section of fees from him so that's keep keep our champion that we do have control over. So that's something that could be an x factor that has to be thought about a little bit especially by you. Mybookie people out there that that part of the great mybookie and your that you do you do some gambling were my bookie because that is something that has to be thought about them. I'm sure my man. Bill cracking burger the great handicap in vegas. I'm sure he's thinking about that So having said that as far as the breakdown of the styles because styles make fights never forget that styles do make this guy beat this guy who's should beat. Nope don't work that way. Oh this guy's begging as dining and you know he beat this guy. This guy lost to this guy so he should beat. Nope styles make fights. Olga's is a completely different style from spent spencer's aggressive big while to wait. Who uses a great southpaw jab. And he comes forward. He also boxes but he comes forward a lot and he goes to the body real. Good hooligans goes so body pretty damn good but not as consistently as spence and organises not as southport. So matt has been training for south poor so there is a there is some adjustment there that he's got to now be ready for all dogs but that it shouldn't be hard for mattie. Because many is the south point of usually fights hordes the dog fighting for the million of them so so that shouldn't be a big adjustment Form and as i said guys is ready. He's in shape because he was on the undercard getting ready so it's not like he's being toning down on a moment's notice with no conditioning. The different styles where spence is a busy guy at an aggressive guy for the most part googlers counterpunch. He's a counterpuncher. he's not a busy guy. I thought he'd technically wanna porter fight. But he got out of hustled. He got out worked a little bit. I still thought he landed the cleaner punches but he didn't get credited for them because he wasn't busy enough. He allowed the opening together up to get out hustled to to to be outworked and puertas credit with his jab. Did that at least in a way that the judge he did so august is the kind of guy you can out hustle. You can out work where you have to be careful as walking straight in or getting caught commented because he's a decent counterpuncher and like i said he's a pretty good body puncher but he's not a guy who's going to put up big punch numbers. He's not a guy that's gonna tear. It up outweigh. Who's gonna pressure who's going to be always on you. I think it's an easier fight for pack. Y'all hopefully mentally doesn't guy. His experience shouldn't but mentally doesn't have a little down if you will calling from spence. Two guys gaza good solid fighter. He's a bronze-medalist from that. Great cuban olympic team. He's a bronze-medallist but even saying that most were that cuban olympic team that great national cuban olympic team. If you're not a gold medalist and now is you. You didn't win. You lost bronze medals a great accomplishment and it is but if you come from the cuban team it's not it's gold or nothing so he's not. He didn't win the gold. But these are real good solid fighter. He's a guy that as i said he's gonna look for you to make mistakes. He's gonna look to take advantage of your aggression. He's gonna look to time. Mattie combination he's gonna look for moments to go to the body of money stance and fraud or maybe catch. Mattie would lead right hands right hands of south porculus off as mayweather proved against pac. Yell that you can use that lead right handed. United use it. The right way of mattie stands in front of him his look to use the right hand lead of mattie comes in a little reckless he'll look to counteract them his hands on not real fast august his hands. They're not slow but they're not real fast. Maddie's hands a real fast. We understand that some of the fed's stance maybe in the history of the sport. I mean that's how fast is hands. I like gadgets. It easier fight. I think on paper for matty and listened teddy atlas. Say telling you nothing when he tells you when you go from spence to anybody else is going to be an easier fight for the most part so i'm not telling you any secrets there but it is an easier. I should be from a technical standpoint on paper. But you never know because you're not fighting. Paper does human beings getting in there. You're talking about emotions. You're talking about the mental state. You talk about all of that. And i don't know if there's a little letdown for mattie. As i said but at the end of the day my pick is going to be manny by what should be unanimous decision. That's gonna turn into a split decision because some sha cannery by the dwp chicanery with these. Are you kidding teddy. Oh no come on really should connery when arc. You serious yes. I'm serious. There could be some monto. The wbz wasted their shot on the maestri fight. They had a chance to like rob the great man now. Everyone's going to be watching them so they're probably like oh damn everyone's watching this time. We got to be careful. You know what. I have an old saying that was given to me by by the great costa model. Mike guy my mentor. People born around dodi square. Don't worry there's these guys are crooks they're still think like crooks still behave coaxed to still be like hooks still act like crooks if they can if they can you bring up a good point but if they candidates still behave that way. They can't help it. That's what they are and But was say. I'm gonna say mattie by unanimous decision but if there's some some bad play there by the wba something of foul then. I'm going to say it turns into a split decision that it turns into a split there like magicians. You know like like instead of opponent rabbit. Out of the hat they pull. They put a crooked decision out of that but they've been demonstrated they go right. Funnier here we got watch this trick. I have a unanimous decision in my hands. And i will say abracadabra presto and make it into a split decision. That is my magic trick for tonight so that you gotta be careful. They're very good at that magic. And that's my. That's my feeling about the fight that many for me. Mattie here's the one thing i got it. Throw in there so qualify. The one thing. I gotta throw in there. I'd be too fast too busy too smart too good. And he'll win a unanimous decision here out hall so here at work. A real solid fighter in uganda is except you're ready except unless marry.

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