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What we do It's all we do 5 38 The Joe Conway now in the traffic center del for a change we're going to start off in Maryland on I two 70 north gun your long-standing crashes broke down near middlebrook road is taking them a while to clear things out We are told you are getting by staying to the right as they get things cleared up heading out of Gaithersburg toward Germantown state of the right to get by southbound two 70 slows and stretches from urbana to the highest town That's link briefly to look at the northbound crash near middlebrook road On down on the southbound two 70 spur your slow train to get onto the adult versus jammed coming around from the exit for two 70 north on around toward the American legion bridge in a lot of heavy volume On the Bel Air prince George's county on the adult of expect to find stretches of slow leaving central avenue toward the Baltimore Parkway ended up so briefly near college park Baltimore Washington Parkway delays northbound coming out of Riverdale and stretches toward one 97 sat down slows from Laurel toward greenbelt and the beltway Driving on 200 Maryland the ICC westbound the work zone between Columbia pike and New Hampshire avenue at only the single file left getting by with a notable delay You need to plant accordingly for that driving in Virginia is still out with the ongoing cleanup of the big truck fire that occurred almost over an hour ago 95 south mountain lorton and woodbridge you're only getting by in a column of ones staying to the far right single far right is all that gets by using the right shoulder under police direction A lot of equipment still there We've got to clean up a lot of foam on the roadway Is that truck was fully engulfed It was sitting on top of another truck It was on the bed of another truck and the cleanup is on going so it's going to be a while You're jammed out of newington but planning ahead you can use route one but it will be very slow going south You can rejoin 95 south at one 23 Northbound 95 your issue is between thornburg and rutland's Pennsylvania with the crash at last report taking away the left lane beyond that you'll slow briefly through Fredericksburg the easy pass lane to northbound three 95 north slows from The Pentagon toward the inbound 14th bellway delays Virginia on the Italy about a tissue toward the legion bridge and a heavy volume out of slows through Alexandria and the through and local lanes toward the Wilson bridge Gainesville crash was on 29 south on near 15 expect to find police still with it under their direction Driving in the district three 95 south is jammed from the third street tunnel to a reported crash near the app on case bridge you should be able to get by staying to the left two 95 northbound your crash was north of Pennsylvania avenue delays from at least 6 95 We are brought to you by Allstate saving money feels pretty good with all state better protection costs a whole lot less visit all state dot com or call an agent for a quote I'm jokowi on YouTube traffic.

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