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Yeah and any loss to him one time one time and then the one time so right lost on both times after that I mean he was never the same got the Lennox Lewis fight yeah so I get it like the buster Douglas stop diminish tracks during his dominance but then if he never goes away yeah what we see from like that yeah no I I don't know I don't know I don't know what I don't know I can't give you an answer maybe we get a call back I just had a couple fights set it up with Frank Bruno before that or after not sure raise a Radhika maybe foot razor Ruddock guys like that I don't know I don't know but that was a I think after that I think all of those fights you mentor after after he got out of prison okay only do you have like two or three fights after the Douglas fight yeah there was a lady right there he calls back in what year did you go to prison again ninety two I think was it ninety two we went to press yeah right around there we'll come right back Scott Hansen host of NFL redzone will join us next gold grade of if nothing else USA today reported another scenario in which the league is trying to get in as many games as possible to radical one as well the elimination of the national and American leagues for the year all games to be played in Florida and Arizona with team group in divisions based on their spring training sites tonight on the fan we take you back to two thousand six the Mets division clinching win against the Marlins how rose comes your way with the pre game at six thirty with the special guest Billy Wagner all follows Mike's on with Mike francesa the XFL is done once again the league has suspended operations with no signs of returning for next year and is laid off nearly all of its employees the NFL draft is thirteen days away ESPN reports NBA teams are United in the hopes of pushing back its strap until later in the summer and no sooner than August first Iowa's Luka Garza wooden award finalist is entering the NBA draft but keeping the option open to return to school and one time ranger coach Tom Webster has died at the age of seventy one WFAN is helping you stay connected as we remind you to stay home if you're sick do not go to work contact your medical provider in practice.

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