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Gina. Don't you? Home. Okay. Let's hear you. That's that's not even close as a sister. Well, it's up there. Where? Can you sing it sister faster dotty? There you go. That's perfect as the one the pay Rebecca. Jay on way. I didn't know that. Sister Dhabi, s Dixon all the way from Utah County Down there in Spanish. Do people say people sometimes do say Spain. Oh, yeah. If you're a if you can just say Spanish or gone over to Spanish. Hispanics. Yeah. Like me. I grew up in Salem. We'd say I gotta go to Spanish to uptown is it up just. Be overto-. Well, anyway, here she is. She's a Mormon mother with a wonderful gay, son. Donnie and her stoic almost always silent husbands strong silent. Type how about you should have been in the western it was barring. That's sister. And I have the same taste in men actually do gyp. There are parts of her Egyptian I. Sister one have you prepared for us today? Grendel a staff. I thought I spent him since I was I so I thought let's just talk about a few things I want to hear what the three of you think. And then I'm gonna tell you when I think about these three new Marmon historical books that have been released. Now, I heard about them, and I just don't really understand what they are. Well, it's supposed to be the true true true history of Josie Smith from when he first started jelly guide K. So is it is an unvarnished history. Or is it official church doctrine, which is it. Well, they said it was revelation, and they said it was staff they had not talked about before shared with their members. And it goes a lot into polygamy. Okay. Goes a lot into the early part of the church. It doesn't get out here in the west with break and all that. Does it go into the the the that his wife ama- at that? She was not a fan of polygamy patched affair. Yes. Don't blame her. She didn't care for it at all. And she also does it go into the she thought that Joseph's I in her child should be the successor. When Brigham family father to son Joseph junior, the second or whatever they went off and started that other church. Okay. It's apple season capital season. I like the pink ladies apple season. It just it just tells you falls just earned in the first Karner on apple season. Now, I love apples of all kinds have recipes galore. And I thought I'm here being a recipe today for apples, but I thought bring something really unusual to do with apples. Now, I have a sister and my ward sister Jada rack, I'm she will not mix her fruit with her meet. Oh, what not? She was one of them has cynical. Oh, she's just crazy that way. So no pineapple on her ham. See heaps putting? No, no prunes on her, pork. So I brought whatever sister daughter's favorite apple recipes that I use often in the fall, and you can use it and all sorts of meat Mark check. And I'm gonna tell you today. You can you can put it in all sorts of different kinds of meat. Okay. This is rose chicken with carrots and apples, and I will have this on my face. But. Now, this is the only take you about forty minutes. Total. Quick played now far parent chicken broken into all eight pieces and cleaned out nicely. A quarter Cup of olive oil kind of divided. One and one half tablespoons of these spices cardamon Kinman any. Cinnamon stick. Yellow mustard seeds. Some light but not too hot chili flakes? And some ground Mace. You just take a little half teaspoon reviewed all those and put it in your or a really good on your pastel. Find it up martyring your. Yeah. Yeah. Your your own. And you're sure you're martyrs claim. Okay. Nothing worse than a journey martyr. No, okay. It's my sign off by. For the chicken you sprinkle the spices as some culture salt and ground pepper. And then you put in some multicolored carrots, I always think that adds color in the fall or you can just do orange carrots. There's plenty of those in the farmers market, two tablespoons, pomegranate molasses, and then then spices. You get to full tablespoons of what you got out of a modern pistol sprinkle and push into the chicken and get it already. Okay. For sprigs of time for dates chopped to happen Pettit. Ooh. Okay. And then I always use granny Smith because they're so tired. I corps them. And then I cut them into one half inch pieces and ups to three apples because they flavor. The whole thing was the charts. We is it. So nice. So I don't think I need to tell you how to prepare it. I think I just told you and kind of the ingredients. Yeah. So you just rose roasted altogether gross it altogether for oh. I'd say you have to let it marinate in the spices fair WI with olive oil. And then you put olive on the pan. Everything goes in that. I just said and you cook it for forty minutes. So how far hundred you could spend that forty minutes reading some of those church history. You're talking anything that you were really intrigued by. And so that is sister Totti's thal chicken and carrots and apples. Sounds. Is exotic because you got a lot of date the dates are sounds really young. It has good. It'll be on my page today. Okay. Okay. Coming up. What what are we gonna talk about the the the new historical books that what we're talking about next? Well, you have more time. Yeah. Why do you want it? I've got some stuff to talk. Okay. All right. Crash eastbound banger highway at twenty eight west in bluff, Dale the right lane is blocked and the left shoulder crash. Eastbound one hundred and fourteen south nine fifty west in south Jordan, crash, fifteen pioneer road and Weaver county, right shoulder affected, their crash. Southbound I fifteen three thirty that's at Layton Parkway in Davis county,.

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