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Gonna be in the upper nineties to near 100 degrees. Only 67 degrees in Sacramento. Heading to 99 degrees on news 93.1 kfbk. Mr Parnell's microphone is open for news from your neighborhood. Yes, it is. I pressed the correct, But in this time, I think this is going out The Lodi New Sentinel. So residents of the Reynolds rent area in Lodi have raised concerns over a new 28 anchor, acre 150 home planned development. They're citing lack of services needed to accommodate the influx of perspective. New Load aliens. Lodi ts Load Ian's No. How you say that voters know you wouldn't say that. No freeloaders, I I wasn't going to go there. And you did. Oh, they're going to call him. Let us know She's well. Little phone doesn't know what we should thank. You sure appreciate that. So Amazon there Big Prime days. We were supposed to happen in the summer, and they usually kind of follow the typical holiday shopping school shop. You know, it all kind of goes. And so it happens in the summer that Prime Days primary, So if you have an Amazon prime account to get these killer deals, so they had to cancel it. They cancelled it over the summer. It's gonna happen October 13 and 14. So this might kind of shift around all the holiday shopping might started off earlier this year. Of course, a lot of folks may be reluctant to go to brick and mortar and just for Corona virus, do it from home. So October What was that against the The Prime 13 and 14 13? Can you imagine? The number they're going to do. No, that's going to be crazy. Now, I will say Amazon is offering $10 back to purchases made from small businesses through their site, and they're saying they're investing $100 million on promoting activities catering to small businesses as well. Should do something. In the small business persons just getting wiped out. Yeah. And Amazon is just making. I mean, they're just what does 100 30,000 people? I think they're hiring in the last month. I mean, they're gonna have to write. In one local city. They say, You know what? It's time to do this differently opening and closing businesses and schools and churches instead of doing it by county. Why not? They say by zip code that new proposal in three minutes The race is on to the house. Like every boy in the first presidential debate, Sleepy Joe live coverage. Oh, I look forward to that debate tomorrow at 6 P.m..

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