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And we are back yesterday afternoon. We're delighted to join crecy. Floyd covers the mississippi state. We talked to her. She covers a lot of things so she chrissy used to cover Lsu and obviously another quarterback guru. We talked to right before the draft. Chrissy great to have you back. Glad you're here. And i'm sure you're really excited about this new adventure covering this to be stay. How are you pretty good. Yeah thanks for having me on. It's definitely an interesting making the transition from baton rouge bill a little bit different of a plane while you're certainly You you've seen a lot of great offense in baton rouge in. No state fans are hoping to see it this year with mike lead. Show what are you picking up so far. Yeah i mean this. This offense is obviously one of the most respected in the nation. I maybe the element of it in high school football college football and the nfl Obviously as repetition based offense and so you kinda look at last year and we saw this feeling of what. I think that it can be against. Lsu and everything went perfectly. But i mean when you when you look at mississippi state. The way that this team was before it was. Rpo offense a lot of stuff done with a running quarterback and then you basically do a total one eighty going over to the air raid and with the covert offseason. You have no chance to get those reps in and so you basically teach and new scheme on either side of the ball over resume. Which puts you in a really bad position. But i think that now As the coaches have reiterated over and over again there are a lot of guys that are bought into this scheme. I think we're gonna see some really versatile running back that our wealth appeared for the nfl. A lot of emerging wide receivers. The offensive lines can up gown. But we've seen some good things from them from time to time. And i mean the pass rush looking at other side of the ball was also probably dole. The show where. We looked at saturday's scrimmage. So i think that. There's a lot of just underrated aspects of this team and i'm really excited to watch what they do. I know we've talked about this In the past chrissy. But i but also no. You're quite a student of of what mike leach is doing. Would you mind explaining a little back story on. Because mike leach of course worked for hal mummy and then he he took his wares elsewhere When did all this really begin what we're about to see from from mississippi state. Yeah we'll obviously started the whole thing. I will wesley and then took it to kentucky And some other places and when we look at the air rate it's a little bit differently Across the country. I think that mississippi state runs it in its purest warm I think that nevada ones somewhat similarly. I think they use a running back a little. Bit more over there North carolina state so long ago uses it to a certain extent. But i think we're gonna see the ball distributed to a lot of guys and i think we're gonna see quite a few passing yards and probably the the highest total throws across the country. And certainly across the sec. What's the quarterback battle. Looks like. yeah. I think that will roger. That's kind of hard to see a situation in which that he's not the starter. I thought he did a pretty impressive job. Less you're taking the reins for graduate transfer someone like j costello who was so experienced you of a guy who doesn't really have any experience and i think that he's finished. Completion percentage of somewhere around seventy percents. I thought that he looked relatively composed and ahead of schedule to be just a true freshman But i think that he's he's been a little bit up and down throughout this spring. But i think that he's got really good leadership ability. I think certainly has the backing of this team. I think that he gets better every day. And obviously Running is not really something that we asked quarterback to do in the air raid offense. But i think that he showed decent mobility inability to aid pressure and the situation that he needs to. We haven't really seen jack abraham out there. I think that it's really respectable. Way way that chance lover. Tich to south alabama transfer though has made quite the push and i think he's looked pretty good and i think that the backup position is definitely going to be something to watch and i think that mississippi state is going to be happy with whatever backup. It ends up with quarterback christie we. We spent so much time talking about michael elite teams from an offensive standpoint but often it has been the defense that has been their undoing. What do you what. What's your take on on the state defense for for tw- for this year. Yeah well. I think that they have one of the best secondary than the nation. Like i mentioned earlier. I think the past russia's been really good. But i mean whenever we look at you always talking about lsu and they're big. Cornerback duo this year. Elias rix and derek singlet junior but when we look at the secondary that mississippi state has going on we have some big names like more numbers to june. Your fred peters. Who's going to be fully healthy this year emmanuel forbes and the transfer jalen green. So i think that we're going to see a lot of opposing quarterbacks. Under duress and a lot of interceptions is ethan year. Before you go. I would like your thoughts on. Lsu spent a lotta time or on their program in recent years. And maybe i'm i'm a sucker for positivist but every time we show always you're on on the air. He of course he did this last year. Too i mean. He is always extolling the virtues of his players. I know that's how that's how he coaches but a lot of people think there's this could be a breakthrough year for lsu. What do you think. Yeah i mean. I think that there's stacked at virtually every position on both sides of the ball. I think that they've done a really good job over there in baton rouge up kind of i call it returning to their twenty nine thousand nine national championships route. I think about that. Coaching staff guys like jake. P dj mingas. They're all related job radio passing concepts. They're all familiar with. I think that they're in a very good situation at quarterback. It's extremely unfortunate. What happened two miles brennan. But i mean we look at guys like max johnson who showed really good mobility. I also thought he was ahead of schedule for a true freshman last year Talk about finishing the season to ano with the upset against florida. And then at home over ole miss and then gary nussmeier to me has just the greatest feeling even with brennan in that room and i think they've got a lot to be excited about in the future. I think as i mentioned they have one. That is secondary to the nation right there at mississippi state and i think that if they put it all together it's gonna be a very dangerous team returning to former glories very quickly kristie before you go with like your your broadview the from a quarterback standpoint chris you you spend so much time analyzing breaking quarterbacks down you know some are better known than others but Which ones are you other than the two we two programs we've talked about. Where are you paying a lot of attention to. Yeah well i thought the whole will lavish thing over. There at kentucky was kind of interesting. I think that it caught all of us by surprise. That's kind of one of those intriguing situations that i'm gonna be watching but my top two format corral. Ms jt daniels. I think that that's a very Close to thing going on there. I thought that Mackerel had a larger sample size and did a better job with the larger sample size but as far as always from jt daniels that little bit. If he keeps that up. I think that he could easily become the best quarterback in the conference. I'm very excited about those two. Another fantastic conversation with chrissy freud christie many many. Thanks hope you'll come back. Always.

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