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Marketing for insurance and now now is in the startup world being the CEO for metabolic so this is going to be a really fun and interesting conversation and I hope you check out his show the Ryan Hanley show after after you listen to this conversation with Ryan Hanley well this week it is my privilege to welcome to the show Ryan Hanley Ryan welcome to the show so much fun to be here man. Thanks for having me so. You've got a new show coming out. It's the Ryan Hanley show and for people out there like me who but new of you kind of in the marketing space only and we even said this prerecording like we haven't really interacted yet but we've been kind of in the same ecosystem of online business S. marketing etc for years now for people who think that's what the show is going to be about. Can you correct them because I think this is going to be a really awesome show. My passion is helping helping people reach everyday peak performance and that means something different for everybody. it's it's it's really about. How do you find that little bit of meaning meaning and something that you do get better at it and then everything that comes out of that. It's probably a little personal develope a little self help you if you if you. WanNa go super cliche categories Gorey's but the idea is if I can help introduce someone to one new person who is doing something some way that improves their their everyday life. That's that's the victory for me so it's really just finding interesting exciting people who have enthusiasm and passion for whatever it is they're doing probably geared towards business ish topics than that's. That's whom looking so my very first guest is going to be a market Sheridan who has been and one of my closest friends and mentors for probably a decade now and then I'm going to close out our launch week so we'll have five episodes of star. is going to be my new business partner and the founder of the company that I am now the CEO of a metabolic and just juxtaposition those two those two ideas in my life today okay and my life as it was ten years ago when we first started bumping into each other in the marketing world well. I'm looking forward to hearing marcus because he's awesome. So that's really cool is the best yeah and you're kind of doing it now. You're you're saying you're going to have a bunch of episodes out launch week but then it's going to be what a weekly show moving forward right. Yeah probably wanted to episodes but we also running a a fitness companies so some of that work to yes. I might as many as I can get out and then I'll probably do. I don't know if you do these or not. But I've done this. I'm previous. This is actually my third podcast that I've launched in my life I've broken everyone of Nevada all aw Arabicon rules of sticking to one thing and so have changed. I've stopped and restarted multiple times but one thing I love to do too and and I'm super interested in your take on. This is the Solo podcasts James Obser- doesn't every once in a while yeah a monologue in in some senses right where you you almost it's almost like taking what you would have turned into an article or an essay for your website or or wherever you right in turning it into an episode adding a little more more context being able to go deeper on some topics I think there are certain things I love to write like in a perfect world. I just right and get paid enough to make a living in my world today I I have to. I have to do other work as well so the the writing is still a bit of a bit of a hobby but I feel like the podcast format the fact that you can add tone cadence inflection into the words it adds so much more to something that you that you WanNa talk about. I think writing is a tremendous medium and it still has just as much value is it always has but if well done writing may even have more value today because there's so many people doing it poorly but we can talk about that. I'm so so I I kind of like injecting those monologue esque episodes as well so you probably have a few of those and you're already kind of doing some of that with your your blogs that are like what six to seven minutes long so I I am an unabashedly fan probably closer to disciple disciple of Gary Banner Chuck. I just am I know a lot of people are that's not doesn't make me unique in any capacity but it's part of He's a major influence in my methodology and I agree with him something. He's been talking about lately quite a bit that I completely agree with. I am always is this idea of quantity over quality and I think that you talked to allow purus. There's a lot of gurus and Rockstar inge's that would tell you now. It's all about quality quality quality and I was one of them for very long time. I think today what I've realized is obviously with a with a certain bar of quality in order to really wrap your head around any topic to really flesh out true value from from the idea you have to talk about it and creative read about things around it and then take in the feedback you get so. I'm thinking about something or an idea. I'm coming at cre- free a ton of content and some are going to be short little instagram stories. They're GONNA be posted on Instagram or linked in or I may do a video. Oh for Youtube about it and it'd be the same general topic you know be a bunch of different places and the reason for that is I get different feedback from every one of those places and that allows house me to put that in my mental algorithm or whatever to tell me better understand how I actually feel on that topic and what where the value so you actually comes from so I've been creating a lot of different places yeah. It's almost like micro content. That is dialogs starting you gotta saw the audience reacts. Ax than it takes you to another couple of places that you can go with it and then eventually you either write it up really well for a blog post or Polish or both for the the podcast as a solo episode. Yeah I one hundred percent yeah that that was a much more succinct way of saying that big long thing I see some people would be like well okay so you went from insurance marketing to an insurance type staff over to fitness and they would say and what was the name you said the rules of of starting and stopping things Novosel yes on twitter and Baba Khan yes he has this whole thing around you know people who jump two different places too often you booze value because it's tough you have to rebuild all your trust when you move and I live that three times now see but the thing is is that I know oh that you talk often about instead of chasing success go after meaning because that's where the real happinesses genesis and so I can see that maybe you've shifted thing to thing to thing because you found new and deeper meaning in each of these shifts. I don't think you could be more right about that as as I've so one thing. I think that I have to I'm very self aware about is it took me a really long time time to mature into being an adult I like. It wasn't until it wasn't until almost like I'm thirty eight. Now maybe early thirties that are really started to wrap my head around what it meant to be a professional. I mean the kind of stuffy cliche idea of a professional professional and as someone who shows up and does the work and in his trying to be just a little bit better every day and add value to other people's lives like I didn't always do that like I hi I'm mostly just meandered through my twenties and I don't WanNa say wasted because did me and my wife but outside of that. I don't know what else I did. I Twenty S. That was a bit value you so I think one hundred percent right. I think what I've dialed in on about myself is I personally love to create share stories. He's and in an in-network what I what I'm actually trying to get at and where I've found meaning in my own life is in helping someone see something things some way that allows them a little more deeper a deeper concept of of who they are a little more meaning in their life a little more happiness like that's. That's what I'm trying to. I do like I have almost no answers most of the stuff that I create talk about our ideas that I wholeheartedly would tell you I've kind of taken in from someone else digested repackaged and share just through my own context so I I won't say that I'm an incredibly original finger a but the idea is just trying to get those things in front. People and each iteration of my career has been. How do I do two things one first first and foremost take care of my family so you have to make a living. I want to provide for them. I'm completely unwilling. You know a Lotta even Gary I would say this. He's willing to go to zero at any time time. I'm completely unwilling to zero at anytime the exact opposite like I be irresponsible for me to do that. I have two young children and a wife and just responsibilities responsibilities like so. I'm not going to zero so that being said how do I knock go to zero but continue to do the work that I love to do and at at first it was pure marketing writing about blog posts tactics and tricks and that was amazing that provided the bedrock in foundation for my career and I and gave me the tools to kind of move on when I got into insurance what I found was there was an entire industry about three hundred and fifty thousand people that felt like everyone hated them that the what they did was no good and that even though they saw the value in it no one else did and so what I tried to do in that space was help these people these professionals understand how meaningful the work they were doing was like insurance is thankful. Work are thankless work. Everyone hates insurance people you know they're all crooks and thieves and charging way too much and dig saw convoluted product that you can't take instincts bangers of you know what. I mean so it's like it's a tough space to be known wants to get a call from their insurance professionals so how does that work was really around helping them find meaning there and eventually I felt I wasn't another step for me in that space so when I had the opportunity to be part of metabolic and what I loved about this was it married the two parts of of where I think people need to focus focused more on which is physical. I don't WanNA use the word fitness physical health fitness part of it. There's a lot of Howie and how you feel your body body and that kind of stuff and I'm a huge believer in if your if your body's not in a position.

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