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Didn't when you're fired a most amazing euphemisms. Yeah. So I was resting and I was. Yes, fitfully, and I was really I was really really frustrated, obviously. And I was like running and there was a gym. I lived in east London. And there was like an old fashioned boxing gym in Mr. Britain trained there. So I went there, and I started lifting weights which I was a kid. I, you know, it's kind of a tomboy, and I just got really really into it that whole subculture of bodybuilding. And I it was just fun. Wow. Yeah. That's fascinating. Now. I also read that there was a background on yours. And Drake's character, the other smart gonna write your your Powell until it's made short work of. And it's all right. I know sorry, Mark. So you guys were basically in juvenile prison, and you were recruited. Absolutely. So you weren't just regular kind of volunteers or draftees. You guys had a not much to lose to go out and find some Moore's, yeah, exactly. I mean that was the the great description and context for both of our characters that we were conscript out of juvenile prison serve. A life sentence for murder, and my I didn't know that Lyles would you be sitting? I mean, it's the future. But I I assumed you know, she was a gang, and she obviously was involved in some sort of murder. And so it was like either spend your time behind bars are spend your time, you know, with the marines. So she had nothing, you know, they had nothing to lose. Which when you have nothing to lose you become the most bad ass character in the world. I think that translates pretty well watching, and I feel like my eyes go to you every time you're on screen. You had this amazing gun. You have this amazing character, your body armor is decorated with interesting. Graffiti, can you talk a little bit about that as well? Oh, yeah. No. That was great James Cameron. It was really specific that we should all kind of find our characters, and then, you know, personalise our costumes, and because it's really bad sometimes you show up on a set, and you've got this whole idea of your character. And then the the art department is decided everything else for you. And it was completely the opposite. We got to put things on our uniforms or gun, even our lockers were our locker. So all the pictures that are in there, and we brought them. So it was great. What was in your locker? What were the decorations? Do you remember? Yeah. Absolutely. Do actually do. I have this. There's a picture of a really young girl who was a Sandinista and her hair's. Cut really short and she has her cross like in her mouth, and she sitting there. I I don't know where I found it in a magazine, and then I had this great picture from the Richard Avedon book. And it's he's this Carney guy. He's got this. Like a snake like kind of? To me. That was my brother. It was this wonderful incredible photo and Seipat both of those up in the I'm going to have to try to track them. Yeah. It's at one scene where they're kind of loading up, and they're all closing their lockers. I'm not sure you could see it in a still there's a still of me, and you can see the locker..

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