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Twelve fifty one on tantawi wins news time twelve fortythree president trump forcefully defending his eero tolerance policy resulting in the separation of children from their parents at the southern border correspondent kenneth moton than trump doubled down on his controversial immigration in policy than blamed democrats their obstruction really obstructionist and they are obstructing the president arguing ministration is enforcing existing laws resulting in the separation of immigrant families who are legally cross the border house republicans are considering immigration bills this week addressing the issue but the measures don't have democratic support because of hardline changes immigration in funding for trump's border wall democrats claim the president is using a manufactured crisis in an effort to gain leverage when it comes to funding the wall senator john mccain says the trump administration has the power to rescind the separation policy and quote should do so now according to a new quinnipiac poll sixty six percent of americans overall opposed the policy fifty five percent of republicans support the policy attorneys representing the pizza delivery man who was arrested and detained while trying to deliver a pizza and now faces deportation are seeking his release was lifted up to the microphones and asked if she wanted to say anything to her dad pablo via sense she didn't hesitate only a few weeks away from her fourth birthday she said in spanish daddy please be well and be careful getting home the cynthia's wife sandra chica says in spite of what's happened to him that he wants his daughters robin these controversial he really loves this country has legal aid lawyers are asking is to release him saying he's not a threat to anyone having never been arrested for anything else council speaker cory johnson is among his supporters immigration policies destroying families all over this country sonia rincon ten ten wins in lower manhattan wins news time twelve forty five now ten ten win sports from the wfan sports desk here's harris allen well the yankees the nationals finally got two games into the books i completed a suspended contest rookie wants soto drilled a two on homer off chad green in the bottom of the sixth that to break a three three deadlocked and washington held on for a five to three victory a makeup game followed the yankees won that one four to two aaron hicks clubbed a two run homer in the fifth that put the bombers ahead three the to start a study greg got into trouble in the sixty left with runners on first and third nobody out turned out to be the turning point jonathan holder entered out of the bullpen and retired three in a row to preserve the one run lead holder rising up the pecking order among aaron boone's relief corps frankly kind of barely made the team out of spring training was was sent down pretty early and since he's come back he's just or earned more and more opportunities more earned bigger opportunities and like i said the more guys we can have in the mix and those high leverage spots the more we can kind of protect each other that's courtesy of yes giancarlo stanton four hits to rb is granted up with his fifth our oldest chapman saved his twenty first leaving to one of the night trae turner lied want to aaron judge on the warning track it right field for the final out the nationals add to their bullpen picking up closer kelvin herrera from the royals for three prospects jacob degrom to five and two for the mets allowing one earned run over eight innings the mets left no doubt in this one scoring six runs in the top of the ninth they defeated the rockies by twelve to two final branded nimmo began the game with an inside the park homer also hit a conventional roundtripper and added a two run single to cap the night scoring devon measure rocco went deep and drove in three wilmer flores with a solo shot i'm ed rosario a two run double for the mets well he coached the capitals to the stanley cup and now less than two weeks later barry trots out of a job he decides to step down unable to agree with the caps on terms of a new contract world cup soccer scores sweden defeated south korea one nil it was belgium three nothing over panama and england slipped past tunisia two to one sports at fifteen and.

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