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The Senate have some obligation to do. What they think in the majority in the Senate is the right thing to do, and there is a Senate majority put there by voters. For reasons like this for an Obama by the way, that quote, he also noted that there's no in the Constitution that says That your presidency stops after three years. He was saying exactly what awful lot of Republicans are saying. Right now it's a four year term serve the entire four years. You don't stop being president in the last six months before the re election campaign, I would even take it one step further than that. I would say certainly that again, the president is duly elected as president. Oh, and he was elected by the American people on Electoral College victory up until the day before a new president is inaugurated. He could nominate Okay, That's that's his obligation. That's his job. Everything else not right now. It's just noise is just politics. Yeah, but it's kind of fun to watch. You do have Ted Cruz, pointing at something interesting crews has been suggested. He has said no. A same of cotton by the way. That you know he's on the list, and he said, No, I want to be right here where I am. And besides, this time around, I chances I was going to be either, you know, Barbara logo or any county, Barrett. But Cruz says, Remember this is all being done because the American people want to be done this way. In order for a Supreme Court nomination to go forward, you have to have the president and the Senate. In this instance, the American people voted they elected Donald Trump. A big part of the reason they elected Donald Trump is because of the Scalia vacancy, and they wanted principal constitutionalist on the court and a big part of the reason why we have a Republican majority elected in 2014 reelected in 2016 groaning. You're in 2018. A major issue in each of those elections is the American people voted and said, We want Constitutionalist Judges a zoo every as does every single poll right, every poll and I think, Look, I think it's going to be a CB Cockney Berk president says. It'll be thiss Week At some point we're still waiting for him to hop on Fox this morning Fox and friends he's been delayed. On to see what he says. But the point is that she has been fully vetted. She went through a pretty rigorous confirmation hearing for the for the seventh Circuit Court in Indiana. She's devout Catholic, pro life conservative conflict with seven Children. Imagine the optics of Democrats attacking her. Of course, there's probably right now waiting in the wings. Some person on the unknown victim. I was raped and sexually assaulted by whoever the trump nominee is going to be Amy Barrett. Probably a bunch of con cave chest of liberal weeny men were about to come forward and say that yes, I was sexually assaulted, groped and fondled. Maybe have my hair sniffed by Cody Bird. She she called me by the wrong gender 7 20 on law offices of Michael Friedman it therefore you should ever need them when it comes to serious action. Look, the best place to start really is B A proactive, help prevent and there's nothing good to really defensive driving, of course, but you know these things are they're called accidents. But if you go to the website law dot com And you don't know the 15 things to remember. If you are involved in an automobile accident. It is helpful if you go to the Web site and download the personal injury assistant app that you put on your phone. That is also helpful. Should you ever be in the unfortunate incident of having an accident? You'll then know what to do. You have then have a camera recording device at your phone. And you could record the accident scene. You could take pictures. You could record witness statement. You do all of that right there. Then the in the in the now if you will, and then send that to the And automatically downloads of the servers at the loft is Michael Friedman. So you are at least ahead of the game. As they say. Remember that website M a f law dot gov law offices of Michael A. Freedman. Sum of 30 latest news headlines Thanks appreciate it..

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