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Scottie Pippen all of a sudden found himself in a place where he felt like I was getting paid but then the times change brother and money started to come and in Scotty pippin realized. Hey I'm not getting paid. But here's where management saw Scottie. Pippen not exactly pulling in the same direction. Y'All member well the Eastern Conference Finals Nineteen ninety-four final. Play Scottie. Pippen UPSET THAT. He didn't get the ball sat down and I'll care what happens in this game. I'm not involved. How can you get a restructured contract when in one of the critical moments of your team's success you decide that you want to tap out so the devil's in the details with this? He signed on this. He showed he was disgruntled and tapped out on his organization. Before I don't think they reward that type of behavior well what they have to reward to me is. He was the critical piece other than Michael Jordan and them winning their fourth and fifth championships he was regardless of what happened in that. Ninety Four Eastern Conference finals and I remembered. Vividly and remember criticizing. Scotty Pippin at the time. But the facts are the facts. If a guy who helps you win I three? And then two more championships. And he's that critical of a piece. When Michael Jordan was gone for the first time tippin finished third and MVP voting. You treats of an employee that outperforms as you talk about a seven year contract. He didn't perform a three or four year. And then our two year deal in our just come back and immediately wants money after one or two years. This was a seven year deal. That was clear by ear. Four five and certainly six. This guy had delivered far more than this. You take care of this guy. He made a mistake..

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