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You and I have talked about that, Are you gonna do that, Andre said. Am for a couple reasons, and I mean not not to get too far ahead of myself or give anything away. But the situation the circumstances where things stand. I mean I'd rather I'd rather do that. And look back and say I made a safe and sane decision rather than regret. You know any possibility. I mean, we're we're realistically in a public space and in an enclosed indoor space, there's multiple other people besides the one you're seeing the ones you're seeing on camera, so I just think you know as much as it is an inconvenience of the professional talker. It's something that I'm going to do and again. I hope it's a short time that it's necessary it because when it's not, that means good things are happening. So, um, maybe pop as tips for you because he was doing play by play through. We've talked about in this life. Yeah, I bet you know we've already appearance to are we go in Teal master of how we get a coordinate this to me? That's my thing I got. I got a couple straight straight black varieties, but We got to get the endorsement deal going. I gotta talk to new lemon. I gotta I gotta think now you're thinking, see merchandise, eh? That's what he's concerned this But you gotta get with this as this space for sale for tonight, man. You get anything like What if I put like just the Twitter handle obnoxiously right across the front, You know, I mean, I would be disappointed if you didn't. That's it. You kind of like the guys with the helmets this year. They got the advertising right on the helmet. Yeah, You know what the last thing I'll say of this? I've thought about you know all this and how it's I mean, first off, you know what? What's in my best interest? That's number one. The other part I thought about in all this is what What are people going to say and think, and as much as I'm interested, Unfortunately, that's not gonna factor into my ultimate decision making process, But I am interested to see the you know the thought process and People are accepting of the times and situations again. If this were three or four months ago, I don't know that that would be the case. But you know, here we are. And if you've seen that bar graph, um you know So what The times call for? Don't worry about how the populist reacts do it's right for you and your family. And I think we've all grown very used to watching people on television communicating through a mask. So don't worry about populace. Yes, Yes, they do, don't they? Did you do it? Did you catch that? When I said thanks, Dad Got that? My name is not just played it off. We know the back story. I know what Thanks age discrimination say I like him a lot. Even though he takes shots. I love it when you call me. Greg Papa. Yeah. Yes, He's gonna go back to texting like a 12 year old girl and his music members musical call his iPod it Z classic. It's amazing. Brody's iPod man, you're gonna get Give me a bid on whatever it was the funniest thing ever. Got Logan Couture on the other line. Can I my radio? Wow, I gotta go. I gotta zoom with juicy couture. Er, all right, man, we'll talk to later. It's always good Here, boys have fun tonight. Thanks. I appreciate it. Brody and the Sharks tonight. Hey, love the show. He'll have the mask the long hair. You don't even recognize him. You know, like Air Carlson here is that, like, you know, in the town floor is commercial where the is. It's not supposed to be a son. But it's not really. It's an actor. They're playing chess, and he says Yeah, He called him Grandpa. At the end. I thought it was also reference to back in the day. Where? Remember We played the joke that maybe you were his dad and I like kind of stuff. And so Yeah, we get way have that joke. Either way, it's aged discrimination. Whatever he's going to get from the merchandizing out his mask. I could take all the good you absolutely, kid. Okay, That's it. That's an entrepreneur. That's a guy who's thinking get that mask it on there. And just this space for sale changes. Every segment 11 I would change within the race car driver, one of those ones that like the arenas that flip that this based on time, they just they just keep moving. We get something like that? Yeah. Make some money, man. I'll be good. All right. We've got the Foreplay coming over the top of the hour included in it. We do have a very good and I think we'll debate this a long time and talk about it a long time because you and I actually did when this actually happened this game nine years ago today Very important local game that will play for you, Aaron Rodgers, innit Air Hospital and more plus, of course, the hardened trade. The foreplay. Top of the are only here on the SportsCenter. Thies is Papa in.

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