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I think this should think this much. I think that should I think they've I'm sorry. I don't think that question Sorry. Thank Christ. I'm not sure. That thing. She's thank bitch. I think that Oh, hell, A more music more variety. 1043, my FM. E was so high that night, buddy or I can show my mind. Goodbye. She got on a plane. Never Jewish again, Always in my heart. And there is breaking news. George Karl by more I tried my best feed her happy time. Keep coming every night hard to keep her satisfied. It's just a game pretty the same. Turn around and leave again. Take it back. Hot breakouts. No charge come hours here. Wow. Mrs. Broken things your way and make sure everything for you. Based upon your hair thing, get my fingertips every just you know that What You want me to be? Oh, yes, left Take a left door, she said by Germany. Is breaking no joy come out crying. Great girl, she said. Uh, let's see. More music, more variety. One of 43, my FM. Happen there. Mark which moment? Coming to motor stock. Still not. Yeah, well knows, And she said under Some shit. She's with Austin. Down the door, so I'm a man. So you, man I knew very lady with you Want to survive, you know. Yeah. Yes. Oh, Dr Runs. On with Mario Lopez.

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