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Of your info right now, let's see how that weather is affecting the roads. It's New Jersey fast traffic. Ls the rain continues to intensify around the state? We're looking at driving conditions deteriorate and a lot of slow spots because of the inclement weather. If you're heading up the parkway right now, we've gotten busy right around the cheeks Quick service area and stay slow up and over the Driscoll Bridge into the Woodbridge area, And then just a slow general ride right up to Union County Turnpike. Same story north of the Woodbridge area Pretty busy right up towards Elizabeth. Lot of wet spots out there. So again just some treacherous driving conditions this evening, and there is still a wreck on route 80 being tended to its east of exit. 19 heading out of Alamut. You've got multiple cars involved, so watch out for police activity. And just north of Route 80 and Byram Township. There was a crash on 206. They've got self foundling shutdown and detoured right near Tamarack Road. Also in the key port area, a down pulling wires from an earlier Rex shuts down the stretch of route 36 north bound lanes Gonna be detoured right near Atlantic Street. And don't forget if you're heading up to the George Washington Bridge. Tonight. There's not an official ban on empty tractor trailers and empty box trucks. But they are advising that you stay off the upper deck because of the high winds. Traffic every 15 minutes. Next reports at 903. I'm Jeff from New Jersey One of 1.5. New Jersey one a 1.5 week days we talk on weekends. We rock plus fast traffic and instant weather every 15 minutes. Listen on our free app and on New Jersey one at 1.5. Right now, The Home Depot is home of smart home gifts for smart home gift givers.

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