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He's been ready to take that next step in development and just doesn't really seem overawed by the moment at all and is now one of the guys i think other players will look to and say brennan. We need a moment here. And he's he's been able to provide that so Yeah big time performance for him. And i think building that consistency of one after the next. It's one of those if you're good enough you're old enough type of things. And he's shown that for his club you know both with the union because he was a huge part of that run to the supporters shield in yom scoring champions league goals with rb salzburg and now Yeah he what he did this what he did this window For for a kid his age. He's still just twenty years. Old right yeah. He doesn't twenty-one. Till next mike's hikes he's ancient. Yeah right it's it's it's huge And it's really nice to see is also really happy for christian world on and sebastian legit. They these two guys in particular get more crops than they deserve online. And i know they're aware of it. Legit his actually talked about it They were excellent. I mean legit in particular. He had one of the he hasn't had a game like this in a few months for the us not since really the marksman no i don't think But he got in there and he. You know he. He knows his limitations as an athlete by he's a really clever soccer player and he was feeling himself a little bit and he kind of opened the game for the rest of the guys in and he was he was one of the ones who i noticed coming right out of the break taking up. I think a little bit more advanced positions and being a little bit riskier and and kind of showing the confidence. Not only that he could pull off the play but that his teammates were gonna win the ball. Get him the ball in good spots to make stuff happen so he i mean he was a huge difference maker asking a goal and assist Ruled on..

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