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Was written actually no publisher would touch it it was a full year until somebody finally came around and this was harpercollins i mean if you're familiar with the book you can kind of see why this was you know it's not a very happy story and in fact it's downright sad in some places and if you're looking for a moral to the story it's pretty ambiguous at best i would say no that's true and when you think about it that's totally in line with shells ammo right like as new kind of children's author like he never wanted to talk down to child readers or sugar coat the world for them and instead he was kind of trying to bridge the gap between adult and children's writing that's a good point in you know from the publisher's perspective though the story was sort of stranded somewhere in the middle of that bridge for example it was kind of interesting just to see how different editors reacted to it so it was one from simon and schuster who rejected the book and he said it's not a kids book it's too sad and it isn't for adults either it's too simple and you know this other editor that just kind of went straight to the chase here and his response and he said that tree is sick neurotic well i mean plenty of people would probably agree with that take but we'll save the controversy for later for now i do think it's worth mentioning that shell definitely got last laugh you know if you fast forward today the giving tree has actually become one of the all time children's classics and not only is it sold nearly ten million copies it's also been translated into no fewer than thirty different languages thirty different languages maybe think about not too shabby for this sick neurotic apple tree really not at all and i do want to spend some time on the psychology behind shells writing and how that relates the controversy we touched on but i also think we'd be doing our listeners a real disservice if we didn't talk at least a little bit about silverstone's bizarre stint as a songwriter all right well i'm with you on that so let's do that but before we get to it let's take a quick break when i'm not working there so many things i'm trying to do this weekend it was trying to build a bug motel in the garden with my son and then trying to fill the vacancy is because business at the bug mattel was not good but everyone's got a million things to do.

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