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Of the same starring Vincent Price based on characters created by Leslie chopper it looks magazines and motion picture transcriber he Holly was brilliant and talented actor Vincent Price as thank one hi miss Deborah excuse me when I drank a Red Gregor yeah he is in good she is a very nice tuba Mister temple apps how I would take her out of the case now and they adore if you lift that confounded thing do your lips you're a dead man you do not have to get behind it Mr I doubt it you forget that on one occasion you trapped me I have heard you play a bad thing well I have never before nor since wanted to be death well Mister temple I have been practicing since they're trying to tell me you now play better well louder good bye I have got a problem I don't doubt it but not what you think I thank the neighbors they've all moved out the landlord named my windows down is a man of genius my problem is something else it would help it might blow away from that to burn but I only one of five never strangled anyone yet but there can always be a first time okay I will demonstrate but you would be played five years of my life went down the drain on that I'm happy today what did I playfully it had a typhoon well I guess it don't really matter on account of I only know one piece so well anyway that's what I played for Mister Stanley media player no doubt happily proceeded to return to Africa yodeling for Livingston Mr stand is hard of hearing either mania yeah he hates music he is the guy owns a Stanley casino which is kind of upstate and is a very swanky roadhouse type road house you had him tied to a chair this the template he asked me to play he called me up and asked me to come over and play and after he heard me playing he hired me to do what sweep the road has to bring the children is banned no it doesn't happen very often but tonight it happened words have failed me not only as Mr Stanley hired me but he's going to pay me a hundred Bucks a week I not only is he going to pay me a hundred Bucks a week he also handed over a hundred Bucks in advance in cash it or I suppose I should congratulate you thanks but what's your problem the Tampa I love to play the tuba but I don't play it good I know that you're an honest man even I sometimes can't stand the sounds I make but the template nobody would pay me don't apply if it was legitimate you may be right so what should I do I still got the whole hundred Bucks should I give it back to Mr Stanley what kind of amenity anyway by reputation from what I have heard around he is a very big operated type I do not think he has had a reputation ever since he was expelled from reform school why was he explained the lower the tone of the place if they are when do you start working fine I make my day but tonight but I think so what I'm asking you Mister temple is would you please but they wanted to but that means I will be at least one friend of mine in the audience and I got a great and I am going to need a friend he may be right the adorable road houses the kind of place most road houses are the patrons will be thinking of other things the music anyway yeah but supposedly thank Kamara hello yeah and I none of my business will that stop you no I didn't think it was one of these days I'm going to Hey or somebody else's capital then what happens to my wife my sick you know I don't don't don't don't say it I.

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