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Right now. Because John Morrissey is he's waiting to tell us what's happening on the roadways at the time. John morrissey. Let me tell you. What's happened on the roadways at this particular moment in time, you know, the when you drive launched for seventy in the summertime, it you see that little lake right between hamden and Moore's road on the east side were they water ski. There's a car in that league. Up. I don't know how they did this to get a running start. Wait a minute. Maybe a boost is it the same drove into the sinkhole the other day. He just got his car back and he's looking for something else bigger to drive into. I know John look whole exactly like squirrel, but whole. Yeah. So C four seventy right lane blocked westbound approaching Morrison the try to dig that car out of that lake man what a ride that must have been before. He hit the water your drive up in the high country. You've been hearing about all afternoon, I seventy closed between empire and silverthorn. Either side of the Eisenhower Johnson tunnels they were doing some avalanche work. They had to do. This avalanche works does hanging over the highway, but they brought down so much snow that cdot, and there's boulders and trees, and and probably a Bighorn sheep, and elk and everything else in it. But it's going to be close to about eight o'clock tonight at least according to cdot. The detour is Breckenridge down to fairplay and then up to eighty five and that thing is loaded up solid rescued drive here this afternoon, a crash westbound hamden downing in the Inglewood area. Westbound Ken, Carol after Chatfield you've got a crash CBS four weather. Mostly cloudy fifteen overnight and then partly sunny at forty.

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