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The sixth crowder was he really angela yeah right so the car i have the hinder since luis carlos win the what third yeah so basically the first two rounds if you're not taken within the first white 45 picks in the draft i'm not going over overhype view and i'm not gonna listen to any melkite hyper or anybody locally that's going to because we hits home oh oversold on these late round picks for the broncos and they get their first round save for paxson lynch usually hit the healthcare bowls edited pointed irs it like you know silvester right contributor fine he wasn't a bust go some say would yeah demarcus walker right that's the one likened the rokko sold him to us now like and he looked like he could play as a will gis due at war with iraq owes you can't do second you have to only do first and then he do ikea and then very weight that's the broncos imos so the first round pick the freak out abou and then the last that's wherever wednesday freaking out of abject cowley exactly do this moeller react right malinche jackson man he bald yesterday unresolved and the end lawyers gaba could have been a bronco yeah now he kirk laid liable and andrew whitworth rights they were available and they had the money uh please kill remember claes campbell that was that was john elway hubris dow with john elway saying that he's a he's a denver guy he'll come to arson claes campbell's like phnom good jacksonville nice i like these twotone helmets and i you know i i kinda feel like we have a team here that could beat the steelers twice onesies and which is insanity if only the jaguars had a quarterback all right so uh coming up next we will welcome on to the program sam forms worth of k k tv which chat about those two playoff games i yesterday what was crazier the end of the viking since game or just the fact that the.

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