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Part right now sixty five degrees we'll tell you all about the rest of the week and the weekend in your complete accu weather forecast coming up our top local story on newsradio WBBM a woman was injured when something fell from a building at Michigan and Madison WBBM Steve Miller is on the scene and joins us live now with the latest Cisco apparently the woman was just walking by on Madison and a piece of the building fell she was conscious when we arrived on the scene she was talking she seemed to be okay a few was sitting in a a chair and an ambulance share and was taken into the ambulance to be treated that ambulances now left the scene here this building is Willoughby tower was built in nineteen twenty nine right at the start of the Great Depression it it has a lot of warranty work on the on the outside of the building and you could see one of the police officers was actually holding the piece that fell from this building if it's about the size of I don't know maybe the three inches by the eight inches or something that that fell from this building we understand it hit the woman's arm hoping to learn learn more at the scene that that's all we have to report now from live from Michigan and Madison Steve Miller newsradio one of five point nine FM teacher prep time appears to be a major sticking point in negotiations between the Chicago teachers union and C. P. S. W. B. B. M.'s Nancy hardy reports the union wrapped.

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