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It's very unclear. What's going to happen but i was going to tell about. My friend is because he's on the board of these international nonprofits. He's hippy or do-gooder is he. A religious do-gooder hippie do-gooder I would say religious. You know maybe maybe a religious now but you know. He's a guy with a family money and time to spare so he's on seattle boards. God i wish that was me and it seems like maybe just wants the the flights to wherever they fly to. That's all i want more than he cares about measles or whatever. Put me in first class and send me to a board meeting. That's all. I really wanna send me to davos. But as a result you know. He's he's heard the dalai lama speaking last couple times. He was in town whenever that was. he's heard. The dalai lama speak a couple of times and maybe met with maybe chatted with him after come on and his his take is that the dalai lama is quite dim. That everyone just assumes because he's a Rubik old tibetan man in an orange robe that he's going to be full of not just A puckish personality but also deep enlightenment and wisdom and in fact that it's just a hearing him you get the sense of. He's just a vapid he's just somebody who's been the dalai lama since he was too. Wow you know that thing where you where you look at old pictures of robin williams. And you're like oh. He was catastrophically depressed for decades. We never knew it. Because we thought oh robin williams like lol is a good time up there but if you look at pictures of him for twenty years he has the face of some he has the. The shark is of someone who cannot Who's looking into the abyss. When i think of the dalai lama's cherubic face. I always thought that it meant. He was in contact with the bliss. But you're saying he's just potentially he's just just dumb. That was this. Guy's opinion. And i want to hasten to say i don't necessarily share that what he told me that i was like. Yeah i i guess i could see that i mean. He won a nobel peace prize. But it was. It was nineteen eighty nine and they just gave it to him for For being persecuted for not being the tiananmen square massacre. basically like. Let's give the nobel peace price. Somebody anti chinese communist party. I know that you are well as a man of faith. Do you recognize that as someone gets closer and closer to god they appear stupider and stupider is that like i think like isn't wisdom that's inconceivable right holy fools and hasn't suffered i mean he did have to flee his homeland. He's had a had a right because he had a rough time in the fifties seem. It's been pretty great for him for sixty years or so. I had to flee my homeland. But it's only because the because the music of alaska parking tickets that and and because you know music and allows like oil soapy smith went down to the mine and you know there's no like rock and roll bad metal bands. Oh so many there's one called. What was it like three fist punch or something. That became quite popular. I really yeah. Big big fifty punch. I think they should all have alaskan names like all the they should be called black glacier or something no black glacier left alaska metal walrus with an over the wall reuss. But i read the i read. The dalai lamas nobel prize read his holiness nobel prize speech. And on your own man. Just yesterday i was like you know what my buddies always saying. The dalai lama is probably a huge dummy. And i don't want to. I don't want to believe the worst about someone so i read some interviews. I and i've seen him on. Tv kind of just smiling and looking wise. And i'm like that's what i would do if i didn't know go up. Which is kinda smile. Him look wise. Guys got fifty years of practice would make a terrible podcast but the smiling looking wise with kenan john but he does The the nobel prize beaches good. I mean obviously that could be written but no interviews seems insightful. I don't buy it actually. He's that he's not smart. Yeah i i feel like he's probably the best dalai lama of in my lifetime. Yeah right right. Easily top five dalai lama along nineteen thirty five. Of course. how old was he when he became the dalai lama. I think he was too when he was. He's how talking about just having one employer your whole life. Why do you think that this is so fascinating to to the west end to steven seagal. Like what is the steven skull being separate from the west. He's your your main idea of a buddhist. There are there are more or less likely to go have died black care and are a dubious martial artists but i mean there are religious patriarchs around the world. You don't care about the patriarch of constantinople. No they're said there probably seventy denominations that have more people than tibetan buddhism more adherence than tibetan buddhism but the dalai lama just resonates with us. Let's be honest. a lot of it is politics. You know he's been a political symbol since nineteen fifty. Whatever talk fifty nine when the chinese invaded tibet. One toback got annexed and and as a result like a. Hollywood costs a lab in your lifetime in mind. Not just steven seagal. But richard gere and all the rest deeply concerned brad pitt. Yeah and scorsese. Scorcese made a a a dalai lama bio-pic after he got done making the last waltz. He went right over. And it's in his bio-pic cannon with jake lamotta and howard hughes. I go So yeah we're fascinated by him and really cheap beyond the politics. I would say the secret. Sauce is the reincarnation osha. Sure right the fourteenth dalai lama so this says here that there are six and a half million tibetans and that appears to be global. Which is roughly most of them. Probably into just by. Well no there are a bunch in china and india. Oh oh right. Because it's all in china for i was like. Oh they're six point. Three million of them in china I'm not going to take a position on that. But that is the number of people in israel right. that's the same number of people in israel as are in a wait. No not in not the people in israel. I'm sorry the jews in israel right there nine nine million people in israel but six million of them are jewish. And i don't know what borders were using. We're not gonna talk about that either. Okay so you're making that comparison to show oh just to show. Well i guess that this is. We are just as interested in jewish or more interested in in israeli politics than we are in tibetan. The same reason. It's a flash point with right not just ethnic religious and in the case of china tibet ideological winner. Mormons gonna gonna start some big fight in in the mountain states and and direct more excited international attention. We in this analogy would be annexed. The utah would be annexed by california colorado vail annex by vail and we fought our wars in the nineteenth century. We did get annexed. Yeah and you were a flash point until we could have in the free state of honor. What i'm saying. Say fifteen years but it would have been the free and independent state of Desert stretching all the way from from montana me he co right but no president. James k polk. Let's say or somebody else. Sure it was poke says sending the troops and and put us down and that's and know there was no doubt the dalai lama in this case did not flee to flee over the border torino lay down to arizona city colorado northern arizona. No in day. The woman's played nice. They were assimilationist. They decided we're going to do. You're boring monogamous marriages. If you twist our arm president possibly pull. That's they called. News traveled slow president to talk ish. But i think i think you've really gotten us in. The reincarnation is the main thing Around the year fourteen hundred a columba sail the ocean. Blue even before that on influential tibetan. Abbot founded a new school of buddhism. Called look Which was kind of a. It was kind of a reform movement. It was like buddhism has lost. Its way things used to be pure used to be about the used to be about the enlightenment man. So he's going to bring it back to his roots and he brings back yellow hats which was kind of what the what the monks war in the older pure times that. He's harkening back to indian buddhism more traditional to wear red hats so to this day. Gallup buddhism is key. I don't want to say that's the theological different. Yeah i i wish i could communicate the raised eyebrows. That i'm the buddha is displeased when we were red hat's john is this like in nineteen sixty eight when people started wearing striped suits and and straw boaters like we're bringing back the style of the twenties. I think it's more like mel gibson..

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