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Indicted and the chief reacts good evening. I'm Brad showed. Komo news time eight oh three. It is fifty degrees downtown at the arch the full forecast coming up at eight. Oh, six federal charges filed against four Saint Louis. Police officers in connection with the Stockley protests of two thousand seventeen. This is Kevin Colleen during the mass arrests downtown uniform Saint Louis police officers accidentally arrested in one of their own an undercover cop embedded with the protesters. The indictment accuses officers. Dustin Boone, Randy Hayes and Christopher Myers of beating and kicking him when he offered no resistance a fourth officer Bailey Coletta is accused of lying to a federal grand jury to try to cover it up all four now suspended without pay face. The possibility of prison time if convicted Kevin Kelly NewsRadio eleven twenty km kmox. The Saint Louis police chief is expressing his deep disappointment. And the indictments saying in a statement, the officers must be held to the highest standard of professionalism, and he expects him to abide by the very same laws. They are sworn to uphold as they have an ethical obligation to the citizens of the community. And he wants to ensure the community is department will continue to be open honest and transparent in the commitment to make the city of Saint Louis, a safer place for all. To live work and visit family members of one of two men killed during a Saint Louis county police chase this August in Berkeley tougher punishment for the two officers involved. They're appearing at a news conference with the family. Civil rights activists Akiba Rudy said the officers should be criminally charged violated the policy of using good judgment, first and foremost and leaving the scene of the accident without rendering any type of a again that speaks to the moral. Bankruptcy of those two officers involved in the family wants to now fired officers to face criminal charges and be decertified. So they can't work as police and other towns, the Saint Louis county police officers association says the officers did the right thing pursuing a car that had made numerous and life threatening driving violations in business news while air which was on the brink of shutting down gets a last minute investment to keep it flying into go partners, investors, and low cost airlines like Denver's frontier and Mexico. Villares is purchasing. Wow. At previous deal to be bought by Iceland air fell through. This means passengers don't have to worry about getting stranded at wiles hub in Reykjavik Iceland. But for now, at least is still scheduled to end Saint Louis service, January seventh.

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