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Food stores because suddenly fast food stores are on the rise. They have help wanted signs in them, because people are working in those areas. And then they, they go to the fast food store, they go to the restaurants. And so the restaurants need to hire people. Unbelievable unbelievable. You know, I hardly liked to quote MSNBC Scarborough is a little different because he's not quite an MSNBC. He does represent the mainstream news. But just to show you what people on the left are thinking about, just to show you what they're thinking, because I think this is really good. Brian Williams has Donny Deutsch on now that, that very fact, of course, is hilarious when you think about Brian Williams, who was kicked off the air for lying, and look, it was lying. It was lying. He would tell stories about things that happened to him adventurous, things that happened to him as a reporter, his helicopter was shot down, or whatever all Andrew doesn't stop. And as long as you're a leftist, if he were right winger where would he be today outta work? He would be in a different profession. He would be he would be in the fast food, restaurant asking you. If you wanted fries with that, but instead because he's a left winger he gets to come back and do this again. Now, he's interviewing Donny Deutsch who's done indoors. She's an ad man. He's an old guy. I artist and a liar, talking to one another about what's happening in the country. What do you think it's going to sound like it sounds like this? How darker things right now to you very, very darker. And I wanna say this with no exaggeration, if you look throughout history, and you. Become student of history, and the worst of what humans have done throughout history. Trump is using that playbook in every way you possibly, can you start with creating and other you get enough? Rich people to look the other way. And that's how you get power. And then what you do is obviously us destroy the credibility of press. You get a judicial system. There's no longer independent you start to blur separation of powers, and we should be very frightened. It's not just saying, you know, Ortho -tarian tendencies, I believe this man is capable of, of horrific horrific deeds. And I'm not saying specifically, what that is. But let your imagination go and also do not kid yourself, if he gets voted out of office, he will say it was fake. He will say that the polls were rigged. He will tell us people to take to the streets, people have to understand this is not a man, who's playing with any out any boundaries of our normal civilization of normal democracy has. I'm having Derek some his. Can stop and they get like this. I can't stop on this. I would..

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