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Some of the things we gotta get into here real quick real quick you had sex you so we just went like an hour and a half without fucking mentioning the red sox shut the fuck up great hanley ramirez got designated for assignment which was quite the surprise i woke up friday morning surprising i had literally just written my blog about the thursday night game hanley was over now always supplies surprised yes still no no i'm i'm with you on that in the moment i was surprised surprised because of the name issue that's why your supplies your because you when you when you can we ramirez you think contract you think great player you think a lot of things you never associate and you never thought you would be associating or even saying the name hanley ramirez and designated for assignment in the same sentence but because it said you automatically take pausing whole with the but then when you really boil it down and you realize oh that's right he's actually kinda handicapping us he's actually not giving us an opportunity to live our best life let let me me break break right now here's the deal hanley ramirez was oh for his last twenty he was hitting dog shit in the month of may but he was the offensive catalyst for the red sox in the month of april and yes he was you look at his contract that he signed foods like four years eighty eight million i want to say something like that was very bad in twenty fifteen very good in two thousand sixteen was very met in seventeen and i'll put a question mark next to twenty eighteen we don't know yet a very good april very bad may and when you go back to twenty sixteen he didn't really take off until june so do not be surprised when haley ramirez goes to another team and just turns it on and just dominates if he goes to the rockies that's that i can see him thriving in an environment like that but you look at it for you yes where where are the colorado rockies going to field him they've got investment at first base who might be the only person worse than hanley and me if you're telling me you place for every ramirez on a team that already has ian desmond.

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