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And shows either that neanderthals were observing their environment to develop complex tools or that. Their kid had to make a mobile for class. Why me tie this to my finger. Remind myself bent wheel. What will again be some strange now? Have to make second piece. String all right. Here is your next Limerick at Arctic. Climates the poorest. It's a nightmare for farmers and florists but once it was good with deep thickets of the Antarctic was once a rain for it. Yes of rain. Forest researchers sediment that leave the region may have once been a rainforest after finding well preserved samples of root systems and pollen and the ruins of a prehistoric rainforest. Cafe of course and our rainforest would be different from tropical rainforest for instance the hallucinogenic frogs in the Arctic. Were dangerous because if you lick them. Your tongue got stuck to them. Researchers blamed on ninety million years ago temperatures in Artika were much warmer than they are or were turns out that below the fossils of the woolly mammoths there must be fossils of breathable linen mammoths made of string. Yes if there really was a rainforest in prehistoric times it does raise the possibility that neanderthals may invented strings so they could invent zip line tours. Rachel here is your last limerick online meetings large coal remote. So let's add. Some sweet bleeds from warm throats. I don't see no harm to zoom in with the farm so be quiet and UN mute. The girls.

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