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They win the rinse Lear regional beating Michele Walker. Marion forty seven twenty nine they are the defending champs and three Kathy Laden joins me on the Saint Vincent's sports performance hotline, Kathy. Thanks for the call and congratulations on the great regional win. Thank you a great day. I lotta fun for sure a lot of fun for sure you beat Gary west side sixty seven thirty four tell me about that game earlier today. I mean, it was it was a great game. Know, we we really had our hands full at times. Dash shaw. She's her junior Dard is she actually started out had the first twelve points of the game for a so once once I think we kinda got a little more comfortable with the flow of the game. And we're able to you know, maybe key on her a little bit more. We started. We started kind of slowly pulling away authentically from us. And in the championship game. Michelle Walker Mary, and you'd be ten forty seven twenty nine looks to me like defensively your kids played like you want him to play. They did. I mean, they really I feel like put on a clinic in this game. You know, we we held them to six points in the first quarter. And and then came out in the third quarter and held them to five. Yeah, we didn't. We didn't have a tremendous scoring going by in this last game. But, but you know, defense really pulled through. All right. Tell me how your daughter Madison does kindle Bostick. Your one two punch has done. Well for you. How did they play today? They did they did really. Well, both of well first game Madison had I think thirty thirty one. And I think KENDALL had twenty two if I think right off the top of my head, you know, this morning. The first game kindle kindle was. I think to rebound that maybe wanna say or vice versa away from a triple double. And then tonight Madison finished with twenty two and seven rebounds, five assists. Kindle finished with sixteen double double, eleven rebounds. Yeah. I mean, they they they played well both both of them have had a tremendous day. All right. So it's Marian and you next week, correct? Yes. Yup. You've been number one all year, you're the defending champs. I I'm amazed at how well your kids have handled this Kathy. To be honest. I mean, they they just they they put so much time into basketball, and they take it really serious may work hard every day. And and you know, as far as the like, you know, press goes and get a ranking things like that. It's it's just not something that we call a lot of focus on it. I mean, I I know that they know what's out there. And there's a lot of talk. But it's not something that we necessarily address as a team hardly ever. Kathy Laden is the basketball coach at northwestern. They are the defending champions in three a and today they win their regional. It's an impressive win at Rennes Lear over Michele Walker Marion forty seven twenty nine Cathy. I appreciate the call. I wish you the best next week. Thank you so much. Thanks for. How did they welcome? Thank you. Carry pre joins me the head coach at Franklin college grizzlies on with very impressive win today at Saint mount Saint Joseph's seventy to fifty four the final Carey is on the same. Vince is sports performance line. Coach congratulations on a good road win. Thank you. Bob. We've got a good stretch. Snow postponement that pushed a game that we played since last Senator played four games in seven days and really set some some ambitious goals and came within two points of of achieving. No, so one three out of four which is four out of five beyond that. I'm really really proud of the guys they've really put a good stretch of play together. Yeah. And you know, what we were joking off air. The reason why you place a four-game in seven days stretches in order pract, they don't want to practice next February. Nobody wants to practice. They just wanna play. There's a lot of truth to that. I told so by this players dream at forty five minute practice, then go play and then forty five minute practice and go play everybody would like to do that. Yeah. There's no question. When you're playing when you're playing, well, there's there's some logic to that. You know, we prepped and we'll get some shots up and try to you know, refined a few blitzes in our own stuff. But guys were really focused would play different different teams different styles. And and I was I was really pleased with how they were able to go from one to the other and really defensively we played we have played really really well through this stretch. And and and through most of the season, and a lot of veterans is concentration, and you know, really paying attention to scouting reports. And and that sort of thing, and I'm couldn't be more pleased with them in that respect Payton mills comes up extremely large for you today. Does he not he does? And he's he's been a real blessing. He's he's undersized. It's it's an unconventional game. And when I saw him play in high school castle, I thought, you know, maybe this translates, maybe it doesn't but. It has. And and he's he's done. Really? Well for us. We lost Kyle Meyer a couple of games ago. Not down. Dental damage and so he's out to the rest of the season. So Payton said pick up a huge share of that role role. He played thirty seven minutes a day and was eight for eleven from the field at seven rebounds. She just really gives us a tremendous day. All right. So you're playing well shot the ball whelming fifty four percent from the field. Good gracious alive. That's strong stuff. And I think the other key factor here. Looking at the stance, you only turn it over seven times. Yeah. You know early when we struggled this season. We had a hot and cold between not handling it very well, and and not shooting up very well. And we we we've got some, but we just developed some discipline to our play. And and I think guys playing more within their skill sets are shooting percentages. That's actually the second game in a row Wednesday night. We went to rose and spotted them eighteen to happen. We came out shot sixty two percent in the second half. And had it tied with two minutes to play and ended up losing bike to we shot sixty two percents in the second half today. So a lot of that is just all these pieces come together and guys kind of figuring out how to stay within their own strengths and not try to stretch too far beyond that. And we've become three hard to guard. Right. Transylvania rolls in on Wednesday in this is hard as it is to say this and believe this. This is the last week of the regular season. It is it doesn't seem to quick, but Transi was one of the games during that stretch in January where we left a one possession game at their place and really felt like we just didn't finish it office strongly as we should him. So I think there's a good motivation there, and then we'll have blocked in coming in on Saturday. We played. Not very well back in December. When we played just think we're a lot better team right now. So I'm really anxious to finish this home. And then hopefully will be on a serious upswing. Get into the conference tournament. Try to do some damage. They're Kerry Fraser's the basketball coach at Franklin college. They beat mount Saint Joseph's seventy to fifty four coach great to talk to you. Congratulations and good luck next week. Thanks, Robert, always a pleasure. Thank you all of our callers tonight. And every night on the Saint Vincent sports performance hotline. Let's look ahead now next Saturday. How about these matchups? In the excuse me in the semi stage. These are these are these are your matchups four a north will be crown point in Hamilton southeastern in the south Lawrence north castle. So good good matchups there. In three northwestern. You heard our conversations Cathy Laden, they'll be taking on Mary in the south central play. Salem, good matchup into a central noble and Oak Hill for the north Winchester and modern day for the south and in single A, Marquette Catholic enorthfield into north university in. Survey down south. So we get we get things going on. We got a lot of basketball to talk to talk about. And so stay were this coming up. We'll take a school have of big coming up. And then we're going to talk a lot of basketball girls. Regionals have concluded. We have boys regular season. Do wanna remind everyone the pairing show for the boys state finals coming up on the seventeenth a week from tomorrow, Greg Rachel, and I will be live at the I chessy headquarters from five until seven.

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