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We on this where where one is where are never going to happen I just told you how it happens I just told you the Golden Bear nine holes and we get a back up the fifteen grand with don right now we're done Mike is not a formal proposal you have in your hands that's a contract yeah it's a formal proposal with then you lose and I mean contracts come on what's the matter with you does it have does it have Jack Nichols is name on there anymore okay doesn't have the golden that was my bomb shell we had a cross out daily and we put a necklace that we both the initial okay I mean you what tiger of there too Mike is this ever going to happen yep no chance this is the closest we've ever been exactly never been I thought for sure private plane was the last of your you literally have a health company that that deals with life and death willing to take time out of their life to fly a jet down here to get you Sanford Sanford great people there is a life lesson I've tried to teach you over the years okay once you get exactly what you want yeah ask for a little more all right that get out of here I don't like you contributing this madness eighteen also the Golden Bear Donald side anyway by the way I got to say this real quick I feel like we're investing in crypto currency here was still gots like he is the big point of humans and I just feel like at the end of the day there's some value here we don't know what the value is but that value might be really big it might be really small we might end up with nothing at the end of the day just holding our pants and and no money in the pockets but I assure you of whatever expectations you have for me I will let you down I appreciate all right get out of here Zack out we will disappoint you whatever is going thank you for all of your contributions to this enabling a visit greasy foul Thurman I read that gives me I am exactly we we speak the same language art my god do you have a beat for me a random totally random ESPN Cheney band beat so that still got out Damian Lillard one after Marvin Bagley he came out of them with bars and these are the actual lyrics we're going to have still got to read the lyrics of Damian Lillard being directed at act Marvin Bagley are you ready yeah we got a royalty free beat what have you decided on a flow here Steve god wants yeah you've got the lyrics right there transcribed I didn't line by line and it's very small plot the middle of a nervous come on in your own mind do you not have glasses or anything are you going to be able to read that no then that's not the problem me singing our app it's not it's you wrapping this is the debut of the maiden voyage of still gots wrapping as Damian Lillard these are actually gaming it gave me a little its lyrics directed at Marvin Bagley after Max Kellerman badgered Marvin Bagley into a challenge they didn't seem Marvin Bagley wants.

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