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There's a certain in i think it's a little bit troubling for the league there's a certain irony in the most anticipated playoff matchup of the year maybe well the cleveland golden state matchups for pretty damn anticipated as say maybe several years two and the basketball between houston and golden state is objectively superlative just very high level basketball there's a certain troubling irony in the clash of the titans turning into just one on one like the apex of basketball turns out to be everyone's which is everything and everyone just goes one on one all the time and it's like kind of not exciting to watch no which was even what led me to the rocket story impart aside from the sheer irony of an audit of mike dantonio going is so heavy basketball was that my own bias and this a lot of us this way now in this you you're your basketball taste your your your basketball is thanks evolved based on teams you that you grew up watching that you covered or that an era of basketball that you whatever it is and the best thing about this era as opposed to the early two thousands i started covering league late nineties early two thousands the this was why we had the rule changes right the game at bogged down everything was one on one everything was isolation but it was with the old legal defense rules where you could literally send eight players to the far side of the court and it was just two guys go in motto amano yeah and that was boring and nothing i it it the game there was no flow there was no passing all the beautiful offense that we now talk about that mike tony helped spark in phoenix and that the warriors epitomize the spurs pit of my several of the teams that's what we're looking for and so yes to your point we now have the worst who have been at their best the epitome of ball movement and beautiful offense in this slog with this rockets team that's just muddying everything.

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