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Meanwhile india says it's ours we got it we took it it's ours so there's a brief warren fortyseven over this in nineteen sixty five pakistan is help starts to help insurgents in kashmir there are there are loss brothers we got to bring him back they need guns they need money sure we'll help them out in nineteen sixty five that caused an indian invasion in the wins again the result of this is that pakistan doubles down on terrorism pakistan becomes a supporter of terrorism it cannot fight india in a army against army state now that's weird you should understand that because when the partition happens pakistan was the better country pakistan got the better part of the military pakistan had less people that's true but they were better educated the are more tied to international trade they had had a long history of the last two to three hundred years of being part the better part of the british empire they got more of the wealth pakistan should be the richer of the to india was saddled with five hundred million poor peasants who could barely make to to to rub two sticks together i make any money because they were poor peasants and had been toiling in poverty for centuries so the fact that india starts winning these wars is a big deal it's it it it's unusual it shouldn't happen and yet it does and it's part of india's rise as a as a major country so pakistan can't fight.

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