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There's this big sort of theoretical debate about them, whereas clashing worldviews, but the debate will get hung up on details along the way, you know, like like with like in Yellowstone, there's kind of like we're sort of in this this debate about like, what is this animal was relationship to it. Is it wildlife isn't livestock, but then the bake it's hung up on like a snag like Bruce alot says, right and Bruce alot disease the disease spread issue. It winds up being that you can avoid the big conversation about where we headed as a people. What does that relationship with wildlife and native flora and fauna and you'd go like, well, yeah. But you know, let's let's hang it up. I'm Bruce alone for a minute. Yeah. And I think that will always there will always be a thing of the day where the debate centers around that. You know? There's probably not even issue because you guys probably have quarantined disease-free, we do and the early two thousands. That was a really big one of the Bruce low sus. But then we sat down with a lotta Rancho groups sometimes it's fifty at a time and circle of chairs second creek, call and Phillips county and us, and they say tell us what you're doing. And they asked really good questions. Pammy said here's how we do. It. We at the source when cave national park that at time. How national we we do all twenty diseases reportable disease about for livestock. Not just Bruce Los make sure they don't have it as they load up. They get TB tuberculosis checked on both sides of the border. It's just a law. So they had to be quarantined here. But it's for TB when they get here. They sit for a couple of months, then they go out onto landscape. We also do testing random testing knock him down with tranquilizer darts. Take care and blood sample send that in. So we get a report every year. How the hurt health is doing odd. People don't test that much. So and those tests are available to anybody who wants them ranchers one a hard copy just come over. We'll give you a hard copy. We'll show you exactly what cut back so completely open book and transparent on that. So the Reuss lows is actually pops up a little bit here and there, but since really after two thousand ten two thousand eleven it's really tapered. Off too that's gone for the most part a little bit here and there, but mostly it's gone. And now the the idea of wildlife on what they will do to us and damaging property, and yet doesn't say then it becomes you. Get my point. Yeah. There will always be another thing. So then it's like, well the integrity offenses. Yeah. That's really what's at issue for museum tiger defenses in now. We'll talk about that for a long time crash Arfan by some crash ventures, and we'll say fish, while haven't parks one of the best things they've done. I the law. Good things. They do a good organization. They helped us design the most wildlife friendly fence, we could possibly imagine why people friendly fan, so it's forty four inches at the top. So Elkin sail over we've got a lot of cameras that show elks L and over prominent underneath eighteen inches off the deck off the bottom of the program can hit it at some pretty good speed. They don't have to go back and forth and back and forth. And then there's one hot wire..

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