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Illnesses that we see in people were listeners as always go to the website national com slash news for all the latest on the corona virus outbreak. For a second story. Though we're looking at here review in predatory journals and Richard before we get into that what exactly is a predatory journal said predatory journals are journals that basically publish any manuscript you send them because they want to collect the author fees and they don't provide quality checks. They might provide long term archiving in other words. They'RE PREYING ON ACADEMIA. That's a very informal term and actually defining whether a journal is predatory or merely under source and low quality is extremely difficult. But the key thing is that the predatory Janis is usually quite deceptive or non transparent about what it's doing so as you say the no always conducting these quality check so it seemed almost surprising that that is an out of peer review is going on here. Apparently there is and this story is about hundreds of academics who say that they are doing pay reviews for predatory journals and this was discovered by people looking at a website coupons where scientists composed records of their peer review and this may sound surprising because y with the Predatory Journal. Even ask for purview in the first place well one suggestion is that this might be kind of figleaf. They're kind of doing it to pretend they're during review another suggestion is that perhaps these predatory journals where reviews taking place might be mis classified and here we get into the question of what is such a journal. This study looked journals. Called Predatory on a blacklist made by firm called Kabul's and cowbells says that it caused journals predatory for holistic deceptive practices like not being transparent about who the editors things like that so just possible that a journal. Could doing peer review? But still be cold predatory on this list and in fact ten percents at least of the journals on this list do appear to be doing peer review according to what's being said on his website at least so what might be the harm than in these journals conducting this or pay review. Well the potential harm is really a huge waste of time for the scientists who are presumably. Doing these reviews now. It should be said that we very much about what's going on here because these reviews ruled totted up by an algorithm that was working off this list of journals looking at the website and counting up our their reviews being claimed for these journals. But the study doesn't talk about which journals they are. It doesn't talk about who the individuals are so we don't know for sure the contents of the reviews or whether the individuals spent much time on the Trevi's or even whether the reviews happened all day. Pablo says it does verify that claimed vs did actually happen usually asking for emails from authors or from editors now I actually looked at the site and I actually emailed some of these people who said that they were doing reviews and I did get some replies. Back one researcher in Germany said yes I did review for a predatory journal and they completely ignored my review but then he said well you know that that does happen sometimes with established journals as well to be fair another person in Cambridge. Uk said. I thought I was going to improve the quality of the papers because I saw these papers not very good but again everything I said was ignored so now. I'm not going to do anymore. So there is a kind of question about all these academics being tricked or what actually was found about these academic was that many of them are inexperienced haven't published much younger and they are often from countries in Africa or the Middle East. According to the study so another suggestion is that these academics think that just by reviewing for as many titles as possible will bolster that academic credentials. Because you can point to your own a pair of hearing activity and say reviewed for loads of journals so until they actually look at the reviews themselves or they contact you academics. One by one. It's not entirely clear. What's going on but the Study Authors D say? This is a colossal waste of time and funders and institutes should tell people. Thank you think about not publishing in journals. Also think about not reviewing for them as well well listeners to read more about this head to Nashville com slash news. And that's where you find all the latest on corona virus as well so it's left is to thank both of my guests nation. Richard thank you both. Thanks thank you very much. And that's a wrap for another show but if you're interested to see as well as hear more about that tiny bud trapped number then. Don't forget to check out the video made by yours truly over at YouTube dot com slash nature video channel. I'm Shami Bundle on. I'm the cow. See you next time..

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