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Going life is a rich pageant. It was it was in eighty six. But now if you go to cleveland. Cleveland has partly as a result of well trying to clean up the coyuca. 'cause it's still somewhat of a of a river endanger but they've cleveland has kind of largely de industrialized or at least tried to the part of that is a lot of cities have taken these inner harbor cores and tried to draw visitors in taking them the coolest part of town. Yeah cleveland re bland rebe rebranded and also rebranded the area as the flats which they mehta like tried to make a bustling clubbing rock and roll. Cool kid part cleveland cleveland. A big town still But up river on the koya yoga. There's this really kind of beautiful national park on either side of the river of that's full of bike trails and it's actually you know conveys a kind of wild river vibe. Although it's downstream of these king rust belt towns up river so so the cleanup worked. The cleanup largely worked. Although the kogas still has has some issues including i think the the river bottom is a is a epa disaster site like there are still all kinds of awful heavy metals and stuff. I mean they continued to dredge the river. And they dredge it now. The rivers twenty seven feet deep. Where if it were left alone it would be one foot deep and full of spawning fish. Tugboats have to up their bottoms though. Yeah but so. It's a a superfund site but also now a place of of river walks in a superfund site us. That's the superfund back in superfund. All of this culminates. Ken in the koga last year. Being designated as america's river of the year every year we have a river we have a river of the year and the river of the year is the river that's made. It's kind of like student of the year It's the river. That's made the greatest progress. How i most improved yeah. Nba has that so the river of the year would be in. America would be The missouri every year. If it weren't for the fact that the you know what can you say about the missouri year after year So every year a new river gets gets this. Honor gets the white ribbon and it was the coil. Hogue alasdair people's sexiest river alive. Yeah and that's the that's the idea. It's it's okay. This is yeah this. I'm reading this given by american rivers which is Which is a major rivers nonprofit yet who who announced the g. o. June wall recording. This is national rivers. Month what are you doing for national rivers month going to go to slippery rock oregon and slipped down a rock very slippery. Rock in oregon. I'm gonna just like the koga on fire will. This show will not air until after river mud next year. Makes you celebrate okay. This is kind of knew this. The started in two thousand nine hundred ninety. I guess it was started in two thousand. Nineteen with the announcement of america's river of the year. Oh that's the fiftieth anniversary of the qualifier. There we go. Hey last year. It was the deller. But i guess for the last thirty four years. American rivers has announced their ten most endangered rivers boy this year. Oh the snake endangered. Oh well i should also say a salmon. The koga was also extensively dammed in the twentieth century to generate power during. The you know the the boom time of hydro-electric damning and now a lot of the dams on the koyo and that you know the dams just increased the kind of slow moving slugging sludgy rancid -ness of the river. Ninja turtles though. Oh interesting yeah but a lot of those dams are now getting torn down as part of the of rivers movement. So some of your. We're going to in our lifetime. See a lot of those. Koga dams consigned to the damn bin of history today. Damn wastebasket of history the this year. The raccoon river is the ninth most endangered river. I have never heard of the raccoons apparently a small iowa river which has been contaminated by factory farms. Oh sure all the possibly have raccoons all the the. The the poop and the antibiotic comorans drinking water is now full of whatever awful stuff gets used in these factory farms so hormones hormones from cows are giving puberty is now starting at age four into moines here so thank you american rivers for bringing visibility to all the problems of the raccoon river completing fire. Thank you future links in the dozens for suggesting readjusting the coca river fire. You can now be alone. And that includes the klay hugger river fire slash fires entry three. Oh nine is four three zero two certificate number one two three nine eight in the omnibus. Hopefully we continue to progress as a species and much as we cleaned up our rivers. Clean up the sluggishness of our skies. And other gonna say oh. It's very sludgy. Do you feel like we can clean up. Well we have to take down the dams. Wait no don't take down the dams on the internet build more dams for dan more dams and less sludge but in our day we were on social media at omnibus project. I'm ken jennings. You can find john roderick especially on his patron you can email us at the omnibus project at

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