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Good morning on Patrick Osborne Topping Austin's News House. Democrats build their case today against former President Trump in his second impeachment trial. Lawmakers here aren't just prosecutors and jurors. Most were witnesses to a deadly riot. If they Capital on January 6th mistrial is personal. Indeed for every senator, lead impeachment manager, Maryland Democrat Jamie Raskin mixed personal stories with legal theory and setting up why former President Trump should face a Senate trial. Step. Trump's attorney Bruce Castor, says his unconstitutional for a private citizen he was removed by the voters. House managers begin two days of presentations this afternoon after a 56 44 vote in the Senate, affirming the trialist constitutional on Capitol Hill. Jared Halpern Fox News Joe Biden heads to the Pentagon today for the first time since taking office that has first secretary Jen Psaki says the president will talk about the significance of the first black Defense Secretary Lloyd, US. In the visit has special resonance coming during black history month over 40% of active duty forces are men and women of color, and you will hear President Biden pay special tribute to the rich history of black service members. President Biden inherited a full plate of defense issues, including the Afghanistan conflict Intentions over Iran's nuclear ambitions at the White House, Rachel Sutherland Boxing. Larger numbers of illegal immigrant families have been crossing the border in the first weeks of Joe Biden's term warning signs are emerging of the border crisis that marked former President Trump's term. Hundreds of newly released immigrants are getting dropped off with nonprofit groups and there are growing accounts of prolonged detention in short term facilities. Measures to control the virus have sharply cut space and holding facilities that got overwhelmed during a surge of arrivals and 2018 and 19. To deal with the new influx. The Border Patrol on Tuesday reopened a large tent facility in South Texas for Children and families. Meanwhile, long term facilities for kids who cross alone are 80% full. I'm Julie Walker here in Austin, the City Council is settled on ballot language for the Save Austin Now citywide camping ban petition. The ballot item, which is proposition be specifically asked if it should be a crime to aggressively panhandle or sit sleeper lying around downtown to the U. T campus. Activist like jazz, more very much against this camping band is not change anything. It reinstates the status quo. Every reinforces the status quo, and we're better than that proposition will be on the maid ballot now. Similarly, Williams and County has voted this week to hire attorneys that will explore legal avenues. It hasn't fighting Austin's purchased the Candlewood Suites Hotel for homeless housing or The purchase of any future property for the same reason, County Judge build a rail tells gave you the city force this issue, so the county has a duty to push back. Listen, Counselor use all the resources. We have all of the way to legislation and, if necessary to the governor's office in the Attorney general's Office of text, and today at noon, County commissioners NT along will be joined at a press conference by Austin Council member Mackenzie Kelly and State Senator Charles Shorter to discuss this issue. Austin and Travis County of officially moved down in the cove in risk chart to stage form said he says that is it. That means a slight easing of restrictions for most people of average health. Stage four allows for social gatherings of 10 people are less also recommends businesses and restaurants voluntarily operated at a capacity of no more than 50%. Boston Public health is vowing to better communicate and stay in contact with people regarding their second dose of the cove it vaccine. Travis County Commissioner Brigid Shea says she feels complaints every day from people who are very confused about winning how they're supposed to get. One can't Travis County and Austin Send.

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