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Tournament power bs i i'm going to need like some vip something i don't know if you've got any pull like that but uh yeah i think i know i gallic him probably had there you go wherever you are the godmother of the tour iso works out well where can they find your shannon fish dot com follower on twitter you're at shannon fish at shannon teeth at shannon tv you know what i realize just a couple of days ago i was not following you on instagram i now i wasn't falling either and you suck oh my god you are following me on instagram head over to everybody follows me on instagram early on so much staff an honest and china weed out a little at the session is she so overwhelming that make my soul hurt now i love the instagram now as you antifascism so you shannon deficient instagram but i i did that was i i was going to send you a message in i i senate through facebook and i it through instagram because you and i don't have phone numbers we don't have it like that even though we've known each other for years and then i looked and i said oh i'm ashamed emma followed rome instagram in anyway so it turned out like that which followed follower on instagram finer on twitter get her on facebook in phnom she'll entertain you in i promise you if he's catch on a golf course you definitely going to be entertained so shannon fish she's one of the best there is in i'm a big fan neighbor sit down with me thanks powell thanks for hanging out i think we nailed it all right i want you to follow me on twitter watched chad you can find me on facebook at facebookcom watch chad you could subscribe to chat prayed on youtube at you can find me on instagram at watch chat pay rape review and subscribe to the chat brighter show on apple podcast dealt that lewis thanks for listening to the chat show check out new episodes every thursday exclusively at podcast dot com the new podcast one out or subscribe apple podcast.

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