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Really captivated. I. In hair thing worked for you. It worked for him. But MAC what attracted you to marry. Well, I just I saw her at school. I two and I just wow now she is good looking I found out she was going to be going to Christian summer camp. Because you know, we were brought up in very good Christian homes. And I think part of our story is that even when kids are brought up in good Christian homes. They can make poor decisions that affect their life for their life. And that's one of the reasons as a parent listening. I want you to dial into this. Because so many kids who grew up in Christian homes. There's no moat around them. They go off to college or vocational training. They're going to be exposed to things. And if they're not ready, they could be snared by the enemy, and this is one of the reasons we're doing the program, but MAC growing up in that Christian homes, and we weren't ready, and because in our home, we didn't talk about real issue. You know, you went to church on Sunday long as you showed up every Sunday you were faithful and you had your ticket punched and for us. We were going to church, but we were living that whole different live as soon as we got out of your parents didn't know that is that fair or did they have suspicions? But they thought okay for Mary Mary's dead and mom, my parents did not now. Because I I hid it. Well, and I didn't smoke cigarettes or anything. So I didn't have the smell on when I would come home white MAC did. So they they knew he was smoking cigarettes and starting to get rebellious. But I was a little more cautious. I didn't wanna hurt my parents. I love my parents. And but the peer pressure was so hard back the ill is you know, I wanted to be popular I'm gonna people to like me. So if everybody was smoking pot, then I was going to try to you know, and you're straight a student. You're a good girl. That's how you know. The the book describes you and your body. Yeah. Top of the class the whole bit. You're the poster child of a Christian home. Right. And then MAC you were kind of becoming rebellious. Mary tip the beans their beans. What was that? I was living in a Christian home..

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