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After hours with Amy Lawrence, the voice of one Jordan Bennington on sports net. And he is a major reason why the blues were able to climb out of that hole. They dug for themselves in January as the worst team in the NHL according to records, maybe now the Cording to skill or talents or abilities. But according to record and you know what I say about pro sports, you are, what your record says you are. And now here they are there. Records says they won the Stanley Cup final four games to three in Boston and Bennington eight and two following a loss in the Stanley Cup playoffs. This is a guy who had a few games in which he was pummeled. In fact, the first game that he ever got pulled was game three of the Stanley Cup final. The Bruins had everything going and the two one final lead. But that short term memory that -bility to bounce back. And forget how you failed the game before the day before it's after hours with Amy Lawrence on CBS sports radio. Loved to talk to you hockey fans you like this ending and of course, we still have one more champion to crown either on Thursday with Toronto. Raptors, they could end up being the second consecutive night of history. They could represent that as well. If the raptors can win game six at oracle not only do they end that arenas long and storied run. But they would also celebrate their first title in their own franchise history. Or we could see. The NBA finals go to a game seven as well. You know, I'm all about the game seven and the DRAM, so on Twitter or Facebook after hours with Amy Lawrence. I appreciate all of your reaction to my, my question about Kevin Durant, and about what you would do, if you're the general manager of an NBA team. Some of your reaction was ridiculous sorry. But if you really think that Kevin Durant is hurt because of karma, something's wrong with you. And you're taking your sports too seriously. But aside from that, those of you who entered the question, and gave me, your honest, opinion. I appreciate so you can do that still, we'll give you the latest on Kevin Durant, as well as here from both the warriors and the raptors in advance of game number six so yeah, we could have backed back nights with sports history. But there's one reason that I am even more giddy over the blues winning the Cup. And when I think. Eighty when I say celebrates because I love this kind of stuff I am a sucker for franchises winning for the first time ever for, for guys who have been disappointed and for a franchise that's been long suffering, but it dish into that the way they did it. I'm not sure how you can not be impressed by the six month turnaround for this team. And the individual stories as well. But putting the sports element aside, you may have seen whether photos, videos, or heard of eleven year old Layla Anderson and Kenny Albert mentioned her name. She is a blues superfan that they adopted as their favorite. She Thirdly developed quite the friendship with Colton Perico and. I love the, the parallels between what she has gone through and what the blues went through in winning the Cup. Now hear me out the Cup is sports Leyla her struggles going through chemo facing four months of isolation at home. She couldn't leave her house for four months, because she has a rare autoimmune disease. She was diagnosed two years ago. And she had to go through chemo and bone marrow transplant in January, but even before that, she loved her Saint Louis blues. And so she would always stand where the little kids are allowed to stand. Right near the, the tunnel, the entrance onto the ice and she would do fist-bump or handshakes, and she agreed the players as they were just about to step onto the ice. And be she became such a familiar face if they started asking her her name. But then she was diagnosed with this rare immune disorder. In fact, I was watching one story on Layla, and there was a doctor who was part of her treatment team that said her specific version of this disease which has a long and scientific name that I can't pronounce but her particular strain of this disease this disorder. Only fifteen people in the world have ever been diagnosed with this particular version of this autoimmune disorder. So it's extremely rare and she went through chemo, and then she went through a bone marrow transplant and she was in the hospital. This is an eleven year old and her face changed. She was thin. She had long blond hair. She lost that hair. Her face got really puffed up, her body type change and the doctors told her and her family that this is what would happen rare and almost mutated genetic strain that produce this disease. And so they warned her and her family about all the different things that she would have to go through. But she is amazingly tough. And so as she is going through chemo owner bone marrow transplant, and then going through the four months of isolation at home because they didn't want her to get sick. Layla watching the blues and she keeps pointing out to her mom, mom. There rallying to look at them, they're starting to win. They're starting to get better. Like I am. And so this part I love, I love this element to her story. She finally allowed to leave the hospital. She's finally allowed to leave her home. And in may the doctor said she could go to a game. So she comes out a month in months of isolation. So she's not susceptible to, to a lot of germs. She doesn't get sick and the doctors finally agreed that she can go to a game. And you know what it was game three of the conference finals? And that's the first time she got to see her blues again in person. And so the blues adopted her, not just the individual players as I say, Perico went to visit her multiple times in the hospital, and they really developed a sweet friendship. And so if you haven't seen the video, it's on my Twitter, it's gone viral, so I'm sure many of you have seen it. But in between games, six and seven the blues reached out to lay LA's mom, Heather and invited them to come to the game in Boston as the blues guests and so on video. And again it's on my Twitter. Law radio on video. Heather somehow, keep a straight face and And tells Leyla that not only are they going to game number seven. But that the doctors are allowing her to travel, and she, of course, starts to cry. I started to cry when I saw it and then she was on the ice as well with their friend, Colton. She got to be out there and they hoisted the Cup together overhead and then she got to kiss the Cup multiple times and to see that little face and to see the joy. And of course, she's overcome by tears as many of the blues players are their families. Even more than the sports element of this, this rags to riches story. How about this little girl, whose life is forever changed who has gone to hell and back and is now recovering though is likely to suffer from this autoimmune disease, the rest of her life and may affect her as long as she's on this earth and eleven year old. Dec- little kids go through something that's hard, this painful. And yet, she has that same resilient safe and a massive smile. And she has affected the blues organization, the players with our joy not to mention everyone who hears her story. So check it out on my Twitter. We'll put it up.

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