Roger Deakins, Charlie discussed on The Bill Simmons Podcast - Hayward's Horrific Injury + Jeff Bridges on Hosting SNL, King Kong, and 'The Dude' (Ep. 274)


Grohmann it i knew that i was a big fan of the coen brothers so i knew that were we were in good hands but this is the case for by had high expectations and then when the thing came out those expectations were you just mirror on that transcend you know you it was just much better than i thought i had high hopes and go better than i refer and ms that's a great you know that you're talking about c movies of my on tv now that movie will come on uh also well i'll just watch a watch a couple of sees we pollute two teuro looks the ball and then i'll meals and do mother charlie know and he'll lick that later as i go i hang in you know he goes either and then i'll i'll stick with our whole move because the singer liked popcorn you can't stop man and they're so the more you see it the more you get out of it and i'm thyssen well and made movie fascinated by the tail of it because usually with comedies they blonde like a certain generation right like my generation loves caddyshack a hot on that share under 25 it they care about kaddish bigler baskets just like people in seventeen eighteen nineteen whatever and they get sucked and that's say yes ghani theory is those just a great it's such a it's such a great movie wellmade movie unit were each seen leads to something else is surprising roger deakins booed cinematographer it so beautifully shot and like most things.

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