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Until you Why Carrie is in Williamstown on New Jersey. 101.5 high, Gary. Hey, Maria. Good how you Bid on DH. I know this is going to be totally unpopular Opinion on DH. Nobody really wants Comedian, but I was watching family feud Saturday and Steve Harvey said that he would love those Jeopardy so he could be amongst intelligent people. I think he was making a joke, right? Ah, but you know what? I think Steve Harvey's great. I mean, yeah. You know what? When you when you see him on kings of comedy And you saw the act he was doing and suddenly he completely reinvented himself. And when so mass appeal, he may be the most popular host. Bar. None right now, you know. Ah, I think he would breathe a breath of fresh air into it. Yeah, but the only thing is he's got the feud going in. And he's so good with the feud, you know, because to be able to do that, you know, when you've seen other people try it. You know you've seen like the guy from home improvement, you know, and Harvey just puts life into it. You know, I've Dawson was good, but I mean, like, I think like the vehicle tow have the two families to play off of and to just be. I love the way he reacts because all these families all these wacky relatives who are also different and no matter what they throw at him, he's got something. And I think that like he would have to tone down and use maybe and 20% of his talent to go to jeopardy and talk to the three contestants. It was. It was my first thought they were watching a clip with him, saying I need to host jeopardy. Maybe that's why I held his hand like I need to just be happy. I need arrest me Arrest. Thanks for the call. Rick is on the term bygone New jersey. 1/1 0.5. Hi,.

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