Benita, President Trump, Hillary discussed on Mark Levin


Wow no, where she's from where's Benita? From Sirius satellite how are you beneath tax while congratulations It is a wonderful place I bet So mark For every other time it. Was busy The one my mission and my voice and what I've been trying to get across to people is until. We can talk civilly to each other, we will never be a nation again and that is. What has frustrated me more than anything and I think you also that there. Is no conversation across the aisle anymore it's. Just hatred and even friends of mine they have no, facts to back up what they say and. That is what really probably bothers me let me tell you, something because your typical house. Will say you know the Rodney. King it's both, sides of both sides I hear the it's. Not both sides The the, left is nasty prudish Vile. At times look at their comics, look at their late night. Hosts we don't control the. Culture they control the culture wall we're all we're trying. To do is. Be left alone be, honest citizens we pay. Our taxes we cast our vote we liked Donald Trump president and we're under attack Yep he's? Under attack where under. Attack we're called names he's called names what does. He done that so horrific even if I don't agree with them on trade what the hell is he. Done that's just so over the top so horrific that, he deserves to be treated this way what does he done, he's done absolutely nothing. As far as I'm concerned except, for the tweets he's actually. Been a very good gentleman. And you know everybody that has the one on one. With them even. Kim Kardashian came out, saying that she felt. Heard and yet nobody wants to go be heard And they. Don't want to. Have a conversation and there's no facts. Behind what they say. Like you say they they unleash investigation. After investigate the man's just. Elected, president a remarkable thing for a, man who's never. Run for public. Office a man who has? Written off. He's elected president of the United States rather than, celebrate and giving the guy a? Chance immediately a criminal investigation immediately congressional investigations immediately at thousand reporters in its face we. See this we're not? A joke we understand. What's going on here they want to take the. Guy out they want to change the outcome of the election they wanted Hillary they wanted another term of, Barack Obama they didn't get it and so this is, what they're doing let's be honest with ourselves That's. Exactly what they're doing and I don't know I guess I would just love to see some ability to have conversations and what listen to me listening. Part of the status progressive meant, this, is what people don't understand conservative pseudo conservatives people out that they don't. Understand these people don't want conversations these people want group think. They want to devour free speech. They want to impose. Their will that's who they are I don't, understand why people don't understand it and. Then listen to people like. Pelosi And water I never listened to them first, of all. Pelosi camp but seven words together and waters is a is an absolute. Nut job so why waste? Your time, and meanwhile look. The media these are leaders within the. Democrat party the media loved these people that crazier the, more radical the more they celebrate them So can I tell you one. Quick story hurting Hillary speak back when she, was in. The primary with a bomb at the place that I was working I. Will give her a chance? In the, first ten minutes. Her speak she couldn't even speak like. A a good person knows English she had at least, twenty homes often in her In the first two minutes a college graduate a lawyer up the wife of.

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