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Amazon Echo Smart speaker by saying candy are As the wind up and the one Oh pitch. Swinging. There's a drive deep into left field. Playing back was white. The warning track along got really with his second home run of the game. He skirts him in the left field and back into the bleachers, and the Giants have gone back ahead of time before 12 pitch swinging. There's a high fly ball deep on a field white back. On the warning track at the Wall God gondola banjo with his first homer as a giant and the Giants are playing a home run derby against the Padres again. The fifth home run of the day. And the Giants lead 7 to 4. Oh, one, Posey Blast one down the left field live. This one is is gone straight down the line over the left field wall. Buster Posey with a three run, homer one. Oh, pitch. There's a long drive to left down the left field line headed for the Claremont Hotel in Berkeley. And that ball is gone. Wow! One strike pitch hits a long drive deep to right way back there. Let me go! Oh, speller! Oh, To the left of the 3 65 marker. And up into the bleachers, three run homer for belt and now it is 13 2 Giants. So that's the last couple of times the Giants with deep five times in a game. Richie really a part of that 13 to 7 last night with the five home runs. It's even warmer. Today. It's the Diamondbacks who have lost 22 consecutive road games so we could see maybe maybe we'll see more than five home runs. Let's talk to him. Richard earlier you see him with.

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