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America. Can President Trump issue? A. National declaration of emergency. And just go ahead and build the border barrier. I don't know. I haven't seen the national declaration. I don't know what it thorny upon which it would rest, whether they'd say it's inherently in his authority is article two commander in chief of the armed forces. Command the military to build a barrier on the southern barrier. I know that they would have to pay under the fifth amendment. The property cost of the people whose property was condemned amendment provides it no property shall be taken for public use without just compensation, but a barriers public use. They can take all that land doesn't matter if it's tribal land doesn't matter if it's an animal quarter. None of that matters or the president orders the military to do it. That's an article to assertion of authority of the president would the people challenge it, obviously, I don't know if they have standing to challenge, but congress might challenge it as a violation of their article one. And if they did it would be up to article three the supreme court to decide whether or not the president had exceeded his authority, and it would come back to yell sound sheet and tube a long ago opinion because this is a very delicate area. Justice Jackson, the famous concurrence in that opinions said there are three zones of presidential power. The president power is at full floodtide when he has the congress behind him. When the congress is explicitly opposed to what he's doing his powers at its lowest ebb and in between zone to there is a vast amount of confusion. We don't know what the president's mean. We don't know what he proposes to do. It would be better. If it did not happen. But if anyone tells you we can't do it. They're lying. And if anyone tells you he can't do it. They're lying. He can try and do it certainly he will be opposed. If he tries, and it will be up to the United States Supreme court to decide if he does that is the reality. That is the bottom line. Now yesterday was announced that rod Rosenstein, according to leave as soon as Bill bars confirmed as attorney general Lindsey Graham met with Bill bar and had this to say afterward cut number nine. Cut number nine. Mr..

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