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Rising radio price and but get two months if the of price payroll of processing some thank free starts that's to rise patriots then maybe off the price of the other truth things starts up where to rise and dot that's what we're com concerned about accounting inflation and interest pay payroll rates key are baton rising thirty year fixed a mortgages up again for the eighth straight week the consumers news are buying traffic more things weather and mostly business because reports the new tax this is law wbz is put more money news in pocket radio books 1030 the nation's big three automakers have seen better days all of them reports sales declines at another cambridge by the attack raises a whole lot of money this time it's rubio's therapeutics with a one hundred million dollar rounds and not a lot of people are buying guns these days gunmakers smith wesson of springfield is cutting its workforce thirteen percent of manufacturing jobs that's the wbz market wrap jeff brown wbz newsradio 1030 parts at thanks and if you had to step away and you didn't want to miss jess report you don't have to say because we are also streaming live day and night on the iheart radio app you just have to downloaded four free governor baker says he's concerned about some of the raciallycharged social media post attributed to a massachusetts state trooper the globe says trooper matthews she and new fired a rifle during a confrontation that left at cape verde and atv driver injured has been posting for years on a website called mass cops some of the writings include support for officers who shoot suspects you know the fact that those posts and the vogue garrity of them date back five six seven years this is not an isolated incident this is an ongoing collection of thoughts and comments that have no place in law enforcement no place in public discussion no place in our community period state police spokesman dave prokopiev's says they've opened an immediate investigation into she spouse in by the way taken away as department issued equipment we heard from the governor today on the storm tomorrow and just hearing from doug cope are south shore correspondent covering our storms always for us as situated highs gonna open up a shelter at the.

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