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You've had Crawford. He's dealing with a rib cage. I guess tightness or something like that is what they reported. He did pinch hit yesterday, which is a positive sign and Brandon Belt pinch hit a couple of days ago. Also, after being scratched from another ballgame, so belt dealing with the leg Crawford dealing with the rib cage Longoria dealing with leg Donovan Solano goes on the aisle. On, so I don't know. I don't know this next man up is they did go on acquiring infielder from the Yankees last week. Could be a backup shortstop Mauricio Dubon started in short last night, and I would really like to get more out of Marie. She had a bond. Then he is just south table. You know, I know there's been as Dave would call them banjo hitters. They're fit banjo hitters through the history of baseball. But in today's game, you've got to have some sort of excellent output. Be defensively being at the plate. If you're not gonna hit you better have the best glove on the field. If you're not gonna feel you better have one of Better bats that they can take out of the lineup. And so far for Dubonnet has not been the case at least this season. So could be Will Wilson. At some point, I'd love to see that kid up here, the former first rounder that they acquired from the Angels couple of seasons ago. And I want to say that there was a report last week that he's been one of the most impressive players. My Kruger was saying that tumor feedback has been one of the more impressive players out of the alternate sites. All these guys are getting worked at the alternate side of seeing a couple of highlights. Johnny Das cow, the voice of the Sacramento River Cats. I should give him a follow on Twitter is constantly tweeting out videos and updates and news and things that are going on with the alternate site Giants. I think they're calling him like the A s Giants and the Jets. Giants A Esther the donor with the A's, too. It's just It's not your Triple eight. It was not a minor league team is your alternate site team. So if you wanna satellite just a minute here on on Darren rough, who's been spectacular over the last couple of games, the big home run two days ago in Philadelphia, but they're also a huge double yesterday that actually left his bat at a higher exit velocity, the hardest hit ball of the season over 109 miles an hour off the bat. From Darren Rough last night, his home run in Philly left of that at 108..

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