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Robinson wanted for Chicago played quite controlled as the bears break the rooms needle out what the lead with Robinson in the slot mill around why the right for this the back of his son to this he takes the snap let's see looks you look through this the movie was what gets away compressor to this he's going to take it and one to the sideline the step that amounted to twenty game data to Gerry Davis sports about abounds about a bring up third down and seven with nine fifty five a goal of the game lines on top twenty to seventeen you know it's not even you were right he was in for Charles little who's next it is again your approval little lost issue that's why he had to come out of the game third down and seven now second step to produce the technical support Manuel surveys three hours yes this players will be able to get a lot of want to address you today any time an issue which is the three flowers against little the border there is one said to stop getting old for hands free flowers they called it a perfection and a goal of back to return the quality of Donald here's the snap it gets away high school I really picking inside of thirty yeah twenty eight yard line running laps it's a way for me this is increasingly diverse board the thirty four yard line it's a fifty one yard and return of six yards for Danny Amendola and they will have it up near the thirty five yard line when we come back eight thirty seven remaining here in the fourth quarter lines twenty bears seventeen your listening to the NFL on Westwood One basic all kinds of stressful things can happen around the holidays the light you spent all day hanging.

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