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Invincible Spirit as club captain which was appointed for that season is a great time to get on the GIG season trophy in the most recent example member of the whereby people go. Wouldn't it be nice if to normal team to run it and then it happens people are bit the thing I remember about that time is an didn't seem to dawn on people until POPs even the die it was the day of Oh we can't let awash team when the F. I cook unfortunately that ship. Delia Century before. But can you imagine if that fighter was a couple of years before when he was in the Millennium Stadium or print spices is now card if in a falling cardiff. Unfortunately, the had to play in the heave and country of England. Speaking of which. In the League Diana finishing relatively up for Portsmouth at least Sol Campbell plays thirty one games in the league. This season that eight forty goals in thirty eight games, which is quite toity actually for a team comes eight especially when it's kind of were the quintessential example team saving it for the Cup final at the end of the city's daisy exactly where I was coming from this their form for the most part I mean lose the Chelsea and asked..

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